How can I help your business? Because I know
what you’re going through

As a teenager I was homeless, but I wanted success. I knew that luck might be part of life, but I knew I couldn’t wait for luck to happen, I had to make my own.

Now 20 years later, I have carved out a successful career as an entrepreneur from nothing; no qualifications, no financial backing and no family connections. By the age of 22 I had started my own technology business and won contracts with Goldman Sachs and Citibank.

Over the years I have started and run several successful businesses in the UK, USA and Europe. From tech companies to land and property investments and now I’m an author of best selling business books.

I want you to have the same success. And I want to share what I learned with you so you can make your business a success.

Whether you’ve just got an idea but don’t know how to take it forward, you’re a sole trader wanting to increase your income or a large business looking for future growth, my business coaching can help.

I don’t just repeat what I’ve learned on business coaching courses or read in books … what I share is what I’ve learned from years in business. Sometimes I’ve learned the hard way, but I’ve made sure I’ve always learned. And that’s how I can help you transform your business: using my experience to help. That’s why I’ve written best-selling books – because I love to help others.


• Transform a small business mindset into an entrepreneurial mindset and change your small business into big business.

• Learn how to create multiple, profitable businesses and ventures that use less of your time and find out how that can be better than one business with potential that currently makes you a wage (or less).

• Get high value clients to chase you instead of you chasing them.

• Create and close higher value sales.

• Create systems, automate and delegate to free up your time to work on other projects or take time for yourself.

• Learn how to free up your time to work on new more profitable projects.

• Create multiple revenue streams, explore and implement new ideas.

• How to do all this while still maintaining your existing business or job.

• How do I know this is all possible and the methods to implement them? Because I’ve done it numerous times myself and I’ve assisted many others in doing it in various industry sectors from technology companies to property estate, online businesses to manufacturing. From the smallest one person business to multi national firms.

I am so confident I can help you that I offer a FREE 30 minute consultation over Skype or the phone. Fill in the form further down the page to register. Here is a comment from one of my many happy clients:

Ben Hamlett:

“I started working with Matt around the end of August 2014.

He was recommended to me by a business contact. I really wasn’t sure what to expect or gain from it but she ensured me it would help with my business and teach me how best to build it.

I had several, 1 hour sessions with Matt and a few Brain storming sessions in the last few months (which were priceless really).

The progress I have made has been quite remarkable. He’s taught me to think outside of the box even more so than I thought I did!

In short my sales skills and even recruitment skills are through the roof. I’m actually selling for fun across all my business at the moment and I currently earn around £7000 more every month than I did before I was coached by Matt.”

I can’t wait to show you how I can help you. Why not use the contact form and I’ll give you A FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION to find out more about your business.


I ask for the details above before our FREE 30-minute, no obligation consultation so that I can get a quick overview of your business or business idea. This helps you make the most of your free consultation.

I don’t share information with anyone and any information you submit or discuss with me now or in the future is dealt with in the strictest confidence.

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