Not a Rags to Riches story

HI just want to clarify that I am NOT touting a rags to riches story. In fact the first paragraph of my book explains how I am not making claims of being a billionaire with fleets of planes, helicopters and warehouses full of cars and how you could do the same.

I have come a long way from living in my car. I drive the cars I want to drive, I own property in different countries, I have a nice boat on the Thames in Oxford, I travel all over the world. As I write this I am sat at my vineyard enjoying the view and the sunshine when quite a few of the people I know are stuck at work. This is the most important thing for me, I am free from the constraints of a 9 – 5, I do what I want, when I want and that is my freedom and it’s a treasure I would not give up for any price. The total financial, physical and emotional freedom is what I wanted and I successfully achieved it.

I have never claimed to be mega rich but I am wealthy, financially and otherwise. I am about inspiring people to do something new and for themselves. I am not about the number of zeros on a bank balance. I see unhappy people living unfulfilled lives full of excuses not to make a change. I’d like to inspire change & happiness its not all about cash.

Amounts of money are just numbers on paper, go after the THINGS you want in life and the money will follow. People often misquote the bible by saying: “Money is the route of all evil.” The actual quote is: “THE PURSUIT of money is the route of all evil.” Pursue dreams not money.

Let me also clarify; I am not actually touting anything, listen to me or don’t, everyone is entitled to their own opinion about anything or anyone and that includes me and what I have to say. The best of luck and love to all of you in the pursuit of your dreams and ambitions.

Matt Kinsella

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