Freedom to do what you want

How To Be LuckyHave you ever considered that from about 5 years old we are told where to be, what time to be there and what we must do whilst we are there? It is a legal requirement to attend school in most countries and the government/society control starts at that point. You then go to work and continue to be told where to be and what time to be there on a daily basis, probably getting chastised or reprimanded in some way if you are late. You can’t just get up and leave without permission, you can’t just decide you have something better to do today. How is this freedom? How much is your freedom worth to you and have you really just given it away so easily? From your first day of school for 60 years until you retire your freedoms are eroded.

This isn’t an accident and things didn’t just become this way they are engineered this way by society and governments to control us. Not for any sinister reason just so that we generally do what we are told and pay taxes like good boys and girls.

Work out how much you get paid in a day by dividing your annual salary by 365, now knock off a third which is approximately what your tax and other contributions are, now take off how much it costs you to travel to work every day, additional work clothes you need and extra money for lunch, now take off any childcare you have to pay for every day or other additional expenses you need to go to work. What figure are you left with? That is the price of your freedom. You are selling your freedom on a daily basis for that small amount of money. Think about following your dreams and put a higher price on your freedom!

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Whatever you do in life be free and be lucky.

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