Formula Followers

Alternative FormulaThere are a certain type of people I like to call “formula followers” these are the people who believed what they were told when teachers and parents said “do well in school, go to university, become a lawyer, dentist, architect and your life will be good”.

These youngsters set about following the formula and now they are the lawyer/dentist/architect that their parents dreamed they would be. These people tend to dislike people like me because they see me with no qualifications and I didn’t follow the formula, I did it the “easy way” and I have a nicer car, nicer house and I work less than they do.

I am the person doing what they were told was impossible and it does not compute in their heads. They think I must have cheated or stolen something or I was just very lucky. When I tell them there is nothing lucky about living in a homeless hostel then you can almost see the steam coming from their ears as they struggle to make sense of my situation.

What really makes me feel sorry for the vast majority of formula followers is that eventually the truth dawns on them, after years of studying and doing what they were told, getting their university degrees and landing a reasonable first rung job and working their way up a bit they are no further forward than most other people. They earn just over average salaries, that nice big house is still not within reach, they are still flying economy class on their vacation/holidays along with everyone else, they are still struggling to pay off the credit card and so on. Where is the life they were promised? OK they are not sweeping streets but neither am I or quite a few other people who didn’t follow the formula. Some like me are doing even better than the formula followers, how was that allowed to happen?

Formula, structure and routine are like death and poison to creativity, happiness, enjoyment and ultimately success. Void your life of structure and routine, enjoy yourself, take in the world around you, spend time with the people that mean the most to you and you will find whatever it is you are looking for.

If you want to know more about how I came from a teenage homeless hostel and changed my life so I could become a successful entrepreneur, plus more of my advice on success, freedom and how to make your own luck, have a look at my book How To Be Lucky. Good luck to everyone following the alternative formula.

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