Recognize Your Strengths and Weaknesses to Achieve Success

001SMALLI am so critical of myself it’s crazy and I have always been that way. I studied photography for a while and I created some great artwork that I should have been proud of but I was way too critical of it, constantly looking for the kind of perfection that does not exist. It especially does not exist with traditional black and white film that I insist on using and developing myself because I feel modern digital photography lacks soul. I am not talking about self deprecation or beating myself up, I have plenty of confidence in my own abilities I am talking about constructive criticism and recognizing my strengths and weaknesses.

I have started to realise that not everyone is like this and in fact it could be quite a rare trait. I see most people making similar mistakes over and over again. Not the same mistakes because that would be plain stupid but similar mistakes. They will go from one bad job to another, making consistently bad financial decisions, they take awful impulsive decisions without thinking ahead properly, no idea about the long term consequences of their actions, being lazy but kidding themselves and everyone else that they are trying hard. I never really thought about it too deeply before but over the last 6 months I have been surrounded by quite a few people doing this and I have analysed some others that I have known well for some time that fall into this category. What I have found is that they are very defensive if anyone offers advice or heaven forbid if anyone makes an outright criticism of a decision they made or something they did even if it is quite obviously true. To clarify; in most of these cases it has not been me offering the advice I have just been observing.

People just do not want to admit their faults or mistakes and even when they do they will not analyse where they went wrong and why, they just briefly admit something under protest and then try to forget about it. By doing this they do not recognise or understand the underlying issues and reasons for their errors so they continue to make similar mistakes again and again.

I will let you in on a little secret: It’s all your fault! The way your life has turned out: Your fault, it’s your life if you don’t like it do something about it! The reason people treat you badly: Your fault, you let them! No money? Your fault, you are in charge of your destiny if you want more money go and get some. Don’t come back to me with excuses like: health problems, bad parents, wrong neighborhood, no education etc. etc. because it doesn’t cut any ice with me. I have had serious health problems, I was on the streets as a teenager, I don’t have any real qualifications and I suffer from dyslexia. Guess what? Nobody gives a crap! Everyone has issues to deal with so get over yourself.

I fully expect at least half the people reading this to have stopped by now and left this page because they will never admit what I am saying is true and they are not intelligent enough to become a better and wealthier person. If you are still reading this you are at least half way there.

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8 thoughts on “Recognize Your Strengths and Weaknesses to Achieve Success”

  1. It is usually difficult to get knowledgeable individuals on this topic, nevertheless, you be understood as you understand what you are posting about! Appreciate it

  2. You said it so harshly. The truth it is but you don’t need to slap it in peoples faces as harsh as you did. However, I agree. The world owes me nothing, it is my job to go out and earn it.. From shadowkazz- twitter.

    1. I am glad you agree, thanks for reading it until the end and were kind enough to leave a reply. Sorry you felt it was a bit harsh but I am a very straight talking person and I know I can come across that way, try and read it again and imagine me writing it with a smile on my face (because I did) and see if it comes across differently. We don’t always respond to nicely and softly, sometimes we need a slap in the face, me included.
      Good luck and all the best you,

  3. naaaaaah… It was all fine until “i will let you onto a little secret” part.. That’s what was the slap in the face. Before that it was good reading… 🙂

    1. Your reaction was exactly the one I was trying to provoke from people who are defensive about criticism. Be critical of yourself and allow criticism from others so you can learn something new about yourself.

      1. I would just like to add, don’t accept criticism from every idiot that offers advice. It can take judgement to know who is worth listening to but it’s usually obvious 🙂

  4. I think most people need a slap in the face most of the time to see were they go wrong,everyone needs to learn from others criticism and listen to outside advice

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