Is There an Easy Way?

Anyone that tells you they have the secret to easy wealth and financial freedom with little or no effort effort is probably a liar.

If it existed it would be all over the news, the web, newspapers would sell out from writing about it and 200 books would be published about this moneymaking extravaganza before the end of the week. Then as anyone who knows anything about economics will tell you; the get rich quick scheme will become instantly worthless if everyone is doing it.

Equally playing the lottery is a bit of a waste of time. It’s great fun but don’t pin your only hopes on a winning ticket because if you do you are going to be very disappointed in life.

The wealth building I indulge in and discuss in my book does take some effort but the kind of effort that’s fun. It takes some good luck too but the kind of luck you can create for yourself, not lottery winning luck (more on this in the book). I enjoy the freedom, meeting people, negotiating, socializing, buying and selling. At the same time as choosing when I work and spending more time with my friends and family enjoying myself more than I ever have. It’s not the easy way but it’s the easier way.

Update: My book is now finished and published so if you want to know more about how I came from a teenage homeless hostel and changed my life so I could become a successful entrepreneur, plus more of my advice on success, freedom and how to make your own luck, have a look at my book How To Be Lucky.

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