The Salesman In All Of Us

Remember when you were a kid and you tried to convince your parents it was a good idea to buy you that toy you wanted or that trip you must go on or party you HAD to go to? Have you ever convinced your partner that this car is the right one for you because of loads of practical reasons but the real reason you want it is because it’s fast or looks good? Have you convinced your mates that a holiday destination will be the best one ever or even which bar to go to on a night out for only one reason and that’s just you want to go there, you actually have no idea how good it is? This is sales and we are ALL inherently good at it because we have been doing it since we could talk we just don’t realize it.

If you want to get what you want, find the freedom you want and make money whenever you need to then you will need to sell. Sell ideas to investors and bank managers, sell products to customers, sell the property you developed and the list goes on. Don’t be scared or put off by this, the only difference between this selling and the selling you do every day (and have done every day since you were about two years of age) is that you are selling to people you don’t know and not your nearest and dearest which makes us feel nervous sometimes.

Go out there and sell whatever you need to achieve your dreams, life’s too short not to.

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3 thoughts on “The Salesman In All Of Us”

  1. Great post. I posted something similar and talked about boy scouts and how many tenacious they are about selling those candy bars!

    What would be your number one tip for achieving that level of confidence and perseverance? I fell that a lot of people realize they need to have that attitude but just don’t do it.


    1. Thanks for the comment Jason. You hit the nail right on the head, it’s all about confidence. Kids like the boy scouts selling candy don’t get as embarrassed about selling as we do when we get older because we build up all kinds of barriers and social rules for ourselves as adults. As I said in the article it’s important to remember we “sell” every day to our friends and family so we should feel more comfortable selling to strangers not less. If I have to get up and speak in front of a room full of people I feel only slightly nervous, on my wedding day in front of all my family and friends I was terrified because I care what those people think. Selling is the same for me, I feel as comfortable or even more so selling to people I don’t know as I do to people close to me.

  2. Great post. I now love selling because I believe in the business I am involved in. It makes a real difference when you truly believe in your product and know you can deliver. Good luck and good selling to you!

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