YOU have inspired ME!

A book that will change your lifeI have just been reading through some of the great comments, reviews and messages people have sent me in the last month in response to my book and it is a bit overwhelming. Thanks to all of you that have thanked me for being inspirational because the truth is now YOU have inspired ME. I will definitely be writing another book and I am considering writing a business course on how to create a start-up from nothing, come back from difficulties and my general guide on how to be an entrepreneur.

If something I have written in this blog or you have read my book and been inspired please let me know because it encourages me to continue writing and helping others.

I took a new direction in my life so I could specifically help other people, inspire those that want to make life changes and give back some of what I have learned so more people can benefit from my experience of turning my life around.

I am not special, so if I can do it, then anyone can do it! It’s an attitude, some simple techniques and a willingness to adapt that took me so far and I have laid it all out in my book and summarized some of it here in my blog.

I hope that you will find the success that I have had. That is my only wish because the aim of this project is to help others. That’s it.

Thanks again for all your positive feedback, you have truly inspired me to continue with other books and continuing with my business mentoring and coaching.

If you’d like some 1 to 1 tailored advice to help you with your business I am now offering business coaching and mentoring for as little as £35 or $55, get in touch using the form below and we can talk about how I can help you.