How to be Happy and be Successful

A book that will change your lifeHow To Be Lucky = How to be happy, make money, be an entrepreneur, find freedom, be successful and be the person you want to be.

When I first started writing my book I found myself writing a generic self help book so I scrapped it and thought for a long time about what I wanted to achieve before starting again. In January this year I realized that after years of listening to people tell me I was lucky I decided if this is what people perceive to be luck then I could teach people how to be lucky.

I rewrote my book as a guide on how I found freedom, happiness and success. It’s not just a basic self improvement book it’s also a set of instructions to help you achieve something more, different and better. It’s a course on achievement, success, freedom and entrepreneurship for the price of a book!

This entire exercise for me was about helping people and that is why I am doing all this so if you’d like some 1 to 1 tailored advice to help you with your business I am now offering business coaching and mentoring