How To Be An Entrepreneur

handshakeHow to be an entrepreneur or what makes an entrepreneur are great questions. I can show you how to be an entrepreneur but I can’t do it in 5 minutes. Unfortunately there is no magic formula that can be applied to start instantly making money. I wish there was a quick fix for making money but it just doesn’t exist. However there is a good fix but it takes a little effort to instigate.

I get asked all the time “How can I make money on the internet?” or “I want to make money in my spare time”. I might be wrong but I get the feeling what people are actually saying is “Give me an easy way to make cash, I don’t want to quit my day job, I just want something easy and safe to earn bucks in my spare time the easiest way possible”. Well like I said if there was an easy formula for that it would be the most widely publicized scheme on the planet and before long everyone would do it which would devalue it and it would become pointless overnight (basic economics). BUT there are ways to make money off your own back that can pay well and give you a great income. Please note: if you want to change your life, you will need to make some actual changes to make that happen.

Being an entrepreneur is not a ticket to easy money with no work. Being an entrepreneur is not winning the lottery. Playing the lottery is clinging on to 1 ticket at a time and praying to the gods of chance that it might be your turn. Being an entrepreneur is creating your own lottery with your own rules and selling the tickets yourself because the only winner when it comes to gambling is the lottery owner, the casino owner or the bookie. Being an entrepreneur is being the guy in control. How to be an entrepreneur and the principles in my book How To be Lucky are about exactly that; don’t wait for chance, create your own luck by putting yourself in control of the game.

Apart from a few minor mistakes I have not been in traditional employment for 10 years. I have not had to do a days work for someone else for a decade. I got the thing I wanted most which was freedom and I made great money at the same time. I made mistakes and some things didn’t work out, I adapted ideas, ditched projects that did not work and stuck to what did work. Even though the successes were small in the beginning I was an entrepreneur from day 1 and loved every minute. So you want to know how you can make it too?

So many factors determine what is YOUR personal formula for success. Your personality, your experience, your knowledge, your contacts and the specific market, community, people that you have direct access to. These are all things that are very personal to you and that is why there is no simple formula for you to follow. What you need to do is create your own formula, your own plan and road map for success. This will include failure, otherwise we don’t learn what is bad and when to change direction. The plan will be fluid and change as you find success in some areas and failure in others. I am still working on my own personal plan and it’s 10 years old but I have learned enough that the path is so much easier now and the successes are far outweighing the failures. It didn’t take 10 years for it to get good; even after 1 year I never regretted the road I was on but the sooner you start the easier it will be.

What I am trying to say is you don’t need someone to give you a secret formula for easy success you need to know how to write your own formula and plan so you can find out how to be an entrepreneur for yourself. Have a look at ways to create ideas from my blog posts: Ideas And Opportunities and Developing Ideas And Opportunities

This other older post might help with developing the salesman in you that you will need to make money away from traditional employment: The Salesman In All Of Us

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  1. very inspiring post…just a week ago i decided to be an entrepreneur n today you are in friend,i strongly feel that i can create my luck ..your post has boost up my confidence..thanx..

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