Whatever It Takes!

one armed banditSomeone just asked me for some quick advice on how to be lucky and off the top of my head I thought about something I did to get myself started on my road to success fifteen years ago and I wish I had done it more often since because it’s simple, basic and it really works. This is one of the top tips I have to help you be lucky:

Tell yourself repeatedly that you will make your dreams come true whatever it takes. Now think about that statement. YOU will MAKE your dreams come true, WHATEVER IT TAKES. To make great things happen requires some action from you, creating a great new life for yourself and those around you is exactly that; it requires some action and creation on your part. You can’t just wish for things it doesn’t work like that.

Believe it or not though it takes less action and hassle than you are probably used to in your current daily routine so don’t think it will take some almighty effort that you are not capable of. It’s easier than you might think.

Picture your dream or big goal in your head and say out loud “Whatever it takes!”, do this 10 times a day and 10 times when you are laying in bed before you go to sleep. Say it and believe it, then make it happen. Remember “Whatever it takes!!!” When you make it happen everyone will be telling you how lucky you are.

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