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I have been working quite hard on a few projects lately but the one that has been taking up quite a bit of my time and the one I am most excited about is my Direct Entrepreneur business course. See my latest blog post on the Direct Entrepreneur site for more info.

What has got me most excited is the idea my wife gave me and I refined with my close friend Graham Russell. People are often asking me for a way to make money online or an idea for a business and in particular something they can do while they are still in their day job. Trying to start a venture while still committing to the 9 to 5 is not something I recommend but anyway it’s something people want and ask me about. Because of the entrepreneurship course starting soon and the fact I know a good deal of the students are going to want instant answers to these kinds of questions I wanted to create something that I could recommend to them.

The solution is this: I will pay $100.00 (or equivalent currency) via PayPal for every referral to my Direct Entrepreneur business course that signs up. So if you have a blog, Twitter following, Facebook presence, an existing client list or you are building one (no problem if you don’t because this is part of the course) you can have a ready product to promote and link to with decent commission. People have often mentioned to me Adsense or similar pay per click work from home and online garbage but you have to put a lot of effort in for pennies. This is a serious $100 for every referral that signs up for the course so you would only need to refer 20 students per month in your spare time to make $24000.00 per year, which isn’t a bad part time gig.

I haven’t recommended anything like this before to people because I haven’t seen anything as good, for a decent amount of money and for a product I believe in. To find out more and get your custom link to start promoting the Direct Entrepreneur Business Course go to:

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