Be Successful Without University

The first time anyone told me I was lucky was just over ten years ago when I was involved in a heated conversation about university education. I was in the pub after work, I was there with four others who were just a few years older than me (I was about 23 at the time) and another guy who was about 50 years old. The four who were just a bit older than me had all gone to university and gained an honors degree, the older chap and me had not. They all started a self congratulating chat about how important a university education was.

At first I kept quiet and listened to them proclaim that in today’s world, to do the job we were doing and to work for a world leading company (as we were) you had to have a degree. They were all in agreement that it was different in days gone by when the older guy had started his career, in those days you could work your way up. Finally I piped up and stated: “I don’t have a degree and I am a consultant at this company, above you 4 and earning more”. There was quite a bit of silence and “umm well” before they all agreed I was lucky! I didn’t buy it and it annoyed me a bit because I knew they were wrong but it took me a few more years to realize just why they were wrong and why they wanted to believe I was lucky.

What they really felt was they didn’t want to believe they had wasted 3 or more years and tens of thousands on an education that they didn’t really need. I am not talking about doctors, lawyers, engineers and the like who NEED a university education to follow their vocation. I am talking about the majority of graduates who have degrees in history, English, media studies etc. Who then believe this is their ticket to a better job and a better life. I have no problem with people who want to go to university it is a great thing to do but don’t believe it will automatically get you a better job or a better life than the person who has the attitude and enthusiasm to make things happen for themselves because they have 3 years head start on you, so you will struggle to keep up unless you have the same attitude.

Wherever you are starting from, with whatever you have behind you; it is YOU that will propel you forward, it is your attitude, your enthusiasm, your work ethic and your drive to make things happen that will give you a better life and make you lucky! It is not difficult and believe me when I tell you that I am ALWAYS looking for an easier way to do things. Loads more advice, tips and direction on this plus all my easier ways and extra information are in my book How To Be Lucky.

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