First Charity Donation From Book Sales

Before my book How To Be Lucky was published I decided a percentage of profits should go to a charity that would help others better their situation through enterprise and entrepreneurship. Because I started my adult life in a hostel for homeless teenagers and turned my life around by becoming a successful entrepreneur I wanted to help others do something similar. Helping others was my main motivation for writing the book altogether but I really wanted to make an extra effort to help those that really needed it.

After a huge amount of research to find the right place to donate funds I have decided on They are a micro finance charity that help budding small business people in the third world by giving them access to direct donations and small loans. They let me choose who I loan to specifically and these are the first 2 people I have given loans to so I can test the water: Koko Katakou and Bayi de Souza. Any money repaid I will reinvest in someone else requiring funds for their enterprise. I have also made a separate donation to the charity itself.

There are other charities out there doing similar things but because with DEKI I knew I could ACTUALLY choose the person I was loaning to and knowing that my specific funds were going to that person was what made me choose this organisation. Have a look here for success stories of DEKI:

Be Lucky

Matt Kinsella

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