101 Ways To Be Lucky and Make Things Happen

My long awaited How To Be Lucky 101. Ever since the first person told me I was lucky for what I had achieved even though I had made my own luck I have been thinking about what luck means and how people can be taught how to be lucky and create their own luck.

I have now published my book and through these blog posts I want this site to be THE authority on making your own luck and self improvement through positive and proactive action.

So here is my How To Be Lucky 101, it has taken me a while to put together but it holds so many great tips I wanted to get it out as quickly as I could. I think this might be the most comprehensive list I am likely to put together and probably the most comprehensive list of tips for how to be lucky (or even any self improvement topic) on the internet. Even though I have also become known for my entrepreneur training and my love of free enterprise this is not just for those entrepreneurial types this list of tips is for everyone. If you want more detail on these tips you will find more info in my book How To Be Lucky and in my other blog posts.

101 Ways To Be Lucky and Make Things Happen:

  1. Take calculated risks and don’t be afraid of risks
  2. Accept what’s offered to you
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask
  4. Put contacts and ideas together to create a new opportunity
  5. Go to new places, you will see new things, learn new things and something new might happen to you just by going somewhere different
  6. Read and observe everything, information is power and this power can often bring good luck
  7. Meet new people you would not normally talk to. The more diverse your contacts are the more likely you will get offered something
  8. Reconnect with old contacts, colleagues or school friends, meet up, network.
  9. Join clubs or social groups
  10. Be confident
  11. Do some work for charity, some good karma never hurt anyone and you don’t know what else it will lead to
  12. Learn some new skills and keep learning
  13. If you really want to achieve something and make it happen say to yourself “whatever it takes” and believe in that
  14. Keep your eyes and ears open
  15. Look for new ways to achieve something that was hard or impossible the old way
  16. Recognise the opportunities that pass you by
  17. When you have recognised the opportunity don’t forget to take it!
  18. Laugh at failure but always learn something from it
  19. Never listen to people who say “you need a certificate/license/education for that” find out what is ACTUALLY required and go for it
  20. Bounce back from any knock back no matter how big
  21. Never take no for an answer, even if after throwing everything you have at that person, move on because somebody else will say yes
  22. Be enthusiastic
  23. Never give up, never say die, attitude is key
  24. Say “yes” now and worry about “how” later
  25. Surround yourself with the right people
  26. Stay positive
  27. Read
  28. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses
  29. Be remarkable
  30. Be committed and understand commitment
  31. Help others, at some point you will need their help and they will be there for you
  32. Don’t be afraid of anything
  33. No regrets
  34. Know where you talents are or find out and do something brilliant with them
  35. Aim high. Aim for the stars and if you miss and reach the clouds instead you will still have achieved so much
  36. Never burn any bridges, keep contacts and friendships open even if you lose touch for a while, you never know when you might need them
  37. Always take a holiday when you need one. My best ideas and inspiration always comes to me on holiday
  38. Do what you love
  39. Never say never
  40. Walk into the poshest hotel you can find, sit down and order a coffee, sit back, relax, smile and tell yourself this is where you belong. DO IT!
  41. Do something you don’t feel comfortable with
  42. One life, do something with it
  43. If you can’t find what you are looking for or don’t fit in where you are; move somewhere else, even another country if necessary
  44. If anyone tells you that you can’t do something use it as motivation to prove them wrong
  45. Write down all your dreams and wishes and post them around your house, office, toilet, wherever you will see them, focus on them regularly
  46. Every day think up new, inventive and wacky ways of making your dreams come true, eventually you will hit on the idea that will make it happen
  47. Never get fixated with money. Money is a means to an end that’s all
  48. Don’t say something can’t be done
  49. Money is just one tool. Work on gathering ALL the tools you need to achieve your dreams
  50.  I always looked towards and worked on “bigger house”, “nicer car”, “vacation home”, “not working for someone else” and it all happened eventually. Keep your goals and dreams at the forefront
  51. If you don’t have clear goals yet decide exactly WHAT it is you want, break it down into it’s component parts and work out how you can get it. Even if it doesn’t come to you straight away, it will eventually
  52. Only look forward, never look back
  53. Don’t listen too much to other people. Only you know what you are capable of and most people talk total garbage
  54. Celebrate even the smallest successes and achievements but especially celebrate and recognise the big ones too
  55. Stay focused on the things you actually want and work on the tools you need to get them
  56. Don’t be jealous
  57. Don’t let other peoples jealousy affect you
  58. Sometimes it’s good to be lazy. Look for shortcuts, put the hours in but put them into the right areas that get results. Work smart not hard
  59. Keep smiling
  60. Believe that anything is possible
  61. Remember who you were and who you wanted to be when you were younger
  62. Life is so short and you can’t take anything with you so really LIVE your life
  63. Drive it like you stole it
  64. Eat well
  65. Try and stay fit, you will get more out of life with a fit body
  66. Keep your mind fit, you will get even more out of life with a sharp brain
  67. Have animals and children around you as much as possible, they live for the now and constantly remind us what it really means to be lucky, in the big ways and the small ones
  68. Have faith. In yourself, your abilities and your own good luck. Keep the faith even when times are hard, keeping the faith in these times is what will turn it all round eventually
  69. Fortune favours the brave. Keep pushing forward even when all is lost, it’s amazing what massive good luck turns up in these times if you have the tenacity to keep going
  70. Look for luck. Great things are out there get out and find some for yourself
  71. Look for the best in all situations. I once turned a very awkward, embarrassing and stupid situation of going to the wrong job interview into a life changing experience (further info in my book How To Be Lucky).
  72. Don’t hold on to one chance at a time. Spread your net wide, put your fingers in different pies. Why cling on to one “lottery ticket” at a time when you could reduce the odds by having thousands of “tickets”? Most things in life are a numbers game, the more chances you take the more likely you are to win.
  73. Do something crazy
  74. Go outside right now in your garden or go to a park and look at the sky and the nature around you and recognise how lucky you already are, just to be alive and free to enjoy it.
  75. Watch the special Olympics or a wheelchair marathon and marvel at how these amazing people have overcome massive difficulties to achieve so much. Look how happy, motivated and unperturbed they are. Despite their problems they get up at the crack of dawn to train and work hard every day to achieve their dreams. They put a lot of people in this world to shame, we could all take a leaf from their book
  76. Don’t be scared of new and different things, stay in your safe little bubble and nothing will happen to you, good or bad
  77. Don’t fear breaking away from the crowd. Human’s are pack animals and feel safest in a group or crowd, standing out is against our instincts even though we want to. If you want to be lucky and have great things happen for you then you will have to break away and stand out. Some people will find this harder than others
  78. Look after yourself
  79. Don’t be a sheep be a shepherd, as well as breaking away from the crowd be prepared to lead the crowd too. You will always get the best out people and no end of unexpected help and luck from others if you are a trusted leader
  80. Collect some good luck charms. I don’t really believe in this type of luck too much but it can’t hurt can it? Four leaf clovers, horse shoes, an acorn, keys and lucky numbers like 7 (my lucky number and also my birth date) are all considered to be lucky
  81. Treat yourself, now!
  82. Be a rebel. Whenever anyone tells you you can’t do something, work even harder to show you can
  83. Enjoy doing something different every day
  84. Do something really well, become masterful in a thing you enjoy and create something amazing and don’t tell yourself you can’t
  85. If you’ve earned it, take it. It’s not rude to demand what you’ve earned!
  86. Rest
  87. Don’t gossip because it just encourages others to gossip about you which will only bring you negativity
  88. Find some peace in your life and enjoy it occasionally
  89. When one door closes another door opens; make sure you walk through it
  90. Inspect everything you put in your body
  91. Don’t make excuses
  92. Outside of your family and closest friends don’t trust anything or anyone, be a skeptic, be sure of what you are doing, what is happening and why
  93. Enjoy life
  94. Seek out whatever inspires you and get as much as you can; music, films, people, books etc.
  95. Be organised but don’t be obsessive
  96. If you hate your job or something else significant in your life, change it, life’s too short
  97. Picture the thing you want in your mind and sit down with a pen and paper and write down all the ways it might be possible to make it happen. No goal is too big and no idea to make it happen is too fanciful or stupid, it’s your dream and your ideas; it’s all valid and possible
  98. Take some enjoyment in proving people wrong
  99. Have fun
  100. Learn how to make something, you never know what it might lead to
  101. Read How To Be Lucky by Matt Kinsella to find out how I started my adult life in a hostel for homeless teenagers but turned my life around by making my own luck and became a successful entrepreneur. How To Be Lucky is also my unique guide to help you achieve your dreams and ambitions in a practical no-nonsense way. Buy a copy here

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