Changing Lives

Want to change your life? Sounds like such a big question doesn’t it? It can seem like a profound, endless, massive, frightening and maybe fruitless proposition. Facing life changing moments like wanting to change you career or relocating yourself or your whole family to another part of the country (or even another country) can feel quite daunting.

I have changed career several times and relocated so many times I can’t remember but I embrace it and enjoy it, although I know not everyone feels as positive about change as I do. Just because I enjoy the change and challenges it doesn’t stop me feeling overwhelmed or worried sometimes but when I do I just remind myself of the alternative: Stand still and go nowhere. I could simply settle for what I’ve got in my career, my house, my vacations and life experiences can just tick along as they are. NO WAY! I could not cope with that at all. I couldn’t live like most people any more and “settle”, even if I tried I wouldn’t be able to stop myself from plotting my next investment, business or venture. In fact I have tried; about 7 years ago after losing a lot of money (and friends) when I made some mistakes and got involved with some people that I shouldn’t have, I lost my appetite for entrepreneurship and took a salaried job. I lasted less than 8 months before I started planning my next venture and I haven’t looked back since.

The reason for this is mostly conditioning; without realizing it over the years I have conditioned myself to be self reliant, independent and basically just entrepreneurial. With all of this comes immense freedom, financial freedom and the freedom to do what I want when I want. This is a very hard thing to give up when you have tasted it.

Someone once told me that I wanted to be better than everyone else. I was offended at first because I am not arrogant and because of my background I would happily chat to a guy who lives on the street in much the same way as I would chat to prince William, it makes no difference to me. We all came into the world in much the same way and we will all probably be leaving it in a wooden box so I don’t think anybody (including myself) is “special”. What he meant when he said I wanted to be better than everyone else is that I wanted to achieve more and I would never be happy living an average life so I would do everything I could to make my life and my lifestyle better than most. He was right and that drive for something better is what has pushed me forward during my whole adult life.

If you settle for the norm, the average, mediocre, just aiming at what everyone else has got, then that is all you will get. In fact you will often miss slightly in whatever you aim for so if you aim at the average life and you don’t quite get there then you will only achieve a below average life. Alternatively if you want a unique and special life then really aim for a lot more than everyone else has got. Get out of your comfort zone and aim for the stars, if you miss and only reach the sky then you still did pretty well.

So if you would like to change your life don’t be scared or overwhelmed by the prospect, be motivated by the boring and basic existence of so many around us. As I have said many times; every journey starts with just a single step. Don’t be afraid to make that first step and go for it. In 5 years time when someone notices how well you have done and asks for your advice you can say to them “Want to change your life? I can show you how”.

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