What Do You Want In Life?

If you won the lottery or you were given a large amount of money what would you want from life after that? What would you do with your time? What would you want to see and do? What would you want to achieve?

If you weren’t tied to your 9 to 5 routine and money was less of a worry how would you live your life?

Cars and holiday get boring after a while (believe me) and eventually you would adopt a new lifestyle. What would that lifestyle be and who are you deep down, what side of you would shine through without all the baggage weighing you down?

What were you good at that you have neglected because you have to go to work and look after the children? What hidden skills and talents should you be nurturing instead of ignoring? Is the world missing out on something you could offer because you are too busy paying the bills?

The reason I am asking all this is because this is really how you should be living your life anyway. If you didn’t have the treadmill keeping you occupied along with the pressures, worries and expectations that society puts on you then you would be free to do what you like and be who you wanted to be, right? People want to win the lottery because they think it will buy them freedom, who hasn’t dreamed of winning millions and going into work to tell the boss to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine, then going to the bank manager and a few others to do the same.

The truth is in western democracy we are all born free, we can choose what we do but we get stuck on the treadmill, the rat race or whatever you want to call it. We think we HAVE to go to work every day and get bored and unappreciated because if we don’t the mortgage or the rent doesn’t get paid. When you are in the thick of it you can’t see the forest for the trees. I have been on the outside of traditional society and looked in and it was a very interesting perspective, especially later in life looking back. These are the secrets and strategies that I was able to pick up by being on the outside of traditional society but by using them on the inside I have been able to keep my freedom by making money and living my life in a different way.

My book How To Be Lucky charts my success and has my tips, secrets and strategies to make your own luck, find the freedom that is already yours and start living your life how you want to. My blog also contains loads of previous posts with additional information and tasters from my book. I hope they bring you the kind of luck and success I have enjoyed.

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