Never Give Up

Run raceSometimes with certain projects, ventures, life changes, businesses or even relationships it feels like things are not working out how we expected and we want to just give up. Nobody is immune to setbacks and it’s important to let go of any failing projects before they drag you down further but when it comes to the bigger picture and “end game” goals we should never give up.

At no point have I thought or said “I’ve made it” and I never will, I will always have bigger dreams and goals.

Right now one of those is for my Direct Entrepreneur business course, which has changed and been delayed so many times since I had the idea nearly a year ago. I want it to be right and so I know that some of the hold ups have been good because they have been necessary for me to develop the ideas to make sure the course material and structure of the course are how I want it. I must admit though that some of the slow progress with this and other projects have often really frustrated me, I am not the most patient person in the world.

When things really seem to grind to a halt it does cross my mind to give up and do something else. Like I said; nobody is immune to difficult setbacks and I still need to let projects go occasionally if they are not going anywhere and are costing more than they will ever give back. I am also not immune from feeling disheartened and unmotivated, don’t think that we can be upbeat and confident all the time. Just remember that those feelings are temporary and for every problem there is a solution. I love the saying: “don’t give me problems, give me solutions”, it’s so easy to moan about everything that is wrong but it is not too difficult to swap the complaining for discussing answers.

My main aim when I embarked on writing my book and first had ideas of Direct Entrepreneur was to REALLY help people change their lives and achieve new things. I also have some big property projects going on too, not least my vineyard which recently we found out we will need to replant most of the vines which felt like a massive knock. On reflection though it made me realize I could plant more of the grape varieties that I like and it gives us more time to work on other projects at the vineyard while the new vines are planted. So no matter what delays or problems we come up against, we can still hold on to those bigger goals and never give up.

Nobody wants to quit, when we enter a new venture or job we don’t go into it with ideas of quitting but it does sometimes become inevitable that we will fail but we shouldn’t get down about it. We can learn from failure and start new chapters in our life with our newly learned wisdom. However even if things have not gone quite to plan and your goals might take a bit longer to achieve than expected; never give up and never settle for anything less than what you dreamed of.

Everything will be OK in the end, if it’s not OK then it’s not the end…. Never give up!

If you want to know more about how I came from a teenage homeless hostel and never gave up so I could become a successful entrepreneur, plus more of my advice on success, freedom and how to make your own luck, see my book How To Be Lucky.

Whatever you decide to do in life never give up and always be lucky!
Matt Kinsella

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