Make Your Own Luck

So you want to make your own luck? Here is what making your own luck means to me and my advice on how to create luck and opportunities in your life.

I can sum this up and explain how to make your own luck quite easily because I recently had a firsthand experience of how people create and seize their luck or (as also happened in this case), they don’t. This situation played out right in front of me with people I know very well.

I was recently staying with family and at the same time I was trying to find a secondhand 4×4 that I could use temporarily on my vineyard in the winter. I didn’t want anything special, something that could be abused a bit and I wouldn’t lose any sleep if it got scratched or dinged; a utility vehicle in every sense. I had been watching the Top Gear trip to the north pole again and after seeing their previous exploits with a Toyota Hilux I decided that’s what I should get.

My Dad and I spent quite a while looking round for all kinds of 4x4s in the area and getting an idea on prices. The place where we were looking is a bit remote and a fair distance to any big cities and we soon started to see we might have to compromise a lot because the choice was limited and the prices were high. We realized that for various reasons cars of this type in that location were about £800 ($1200) more expensive. After getting weary and disappointed we decided we needed to take a road trip to a few cities that were half a day away to get anything close to what I wanted at the right price.

On our road trip we discussed how easy it would be to make the trek once a week to pick up a vehicle, take it back, polish it up and sell it for £700 – £1000 ($1000 – $1500) profit. We chatted about why people back home don’t make the trip to get a better deal and when we analyzed it we worked out that with work commitments, the fact it can take 2 people to make the trip and drive 2 vehicles back and if there was something wrong it’s a long way to take the car back again. However we decided that the figures involved made it worth it and it was probably people’s time constraints that was the biggest issue.

I told my Dad that if I was still living in his area I would certainly be selling secondhand cars in that way. It’s all cash, it’s part time and it could yield more than £4000 profit in one month!

Remember this is an opportunity specific to one remote location, the opportunities are different in different places. The area I spend most of my time in has more land and property opportunities at the moment so that is what I have been concentrating on recently and your area will have it’s own unique niches.

So after collecting the vehicle and returning back to my Dad’s place we talked more about what a great way to earn money and even though my Dad is retired, he was already enthusiastic about giving it a go to make some extra cash. He has decided that even if it takes a month to get the right price for the car he buys he can just drive it around in the mean time and he can use it as his vehicle.

Two days later a relative who lives nearby phoned up and I talked to her for a while about her husband who hates his job and is currently retraining to become an electrician so he can start his own small business. He has been offered some sporadic electrician work but he can’t get more or better paying work until he is fully qualified which is about another year away. He really hates his current job working in a garage and it is becoming a serious issue for them but with a new baby they feel there are very few options until he finishes his training.

Immediately I told her about my ideas for sourcing and selling secondhand cars of certain types in that area. I was really excited to share my idea because I felt it would fit their situation perfectly. He knows all about cars from his job at the garage, he could do it in his spare time and test the water before jumping in, if it worked he could quit the job he hated and concentrate on his electricians course, he could do the intermittent electrical work he had already been offered to build experience and contacts AND probably earn more money than they get now. I was spoon feeding them a well thought out and low risk opportunity. It may have even been one they had considered before I mentioned it.

Guess what? They didn’t take it. The reasons and excuses I got were: He isn’t good at sales so he wouldn’t be able to sell the car. I replied that if he couldn’t sell a well priced car he had little hope in selling his services as a self employed electrician. Plus I added that she only worked part time and I knew she was capable of selling a car once in a while. No reply to that.

The other excuse was they did not have any spare cash at the moment. I replied that they had 2 quite expensive cars currently and if they sold one they could use that money and while they had a car to sell, they also had a car to use so they would be no worse off than now. Or they could buy a cheaper car and use just some of the cash. No reply to that either and I knew by the way the conversation was going that I was wasting my breath.

You might think this is an extreme case and most people would jump at it but you are wrong. I have seen this situation play out over and over again, then the same people tell me how lucky I am to have the lifestyle and success that I have.

Making your own luck is about spotting opportunities AND having the balls to take them. You can be handed a chance on a plate but unless you have the courage and the will to do something with it then it’s pointless. Equally it’s no good having the balls to throw it all up in the air and run from one whim to another without considering the risks or seeing it through. Making your own luck is the combination and balance between seeing and researching your chances and opportunities together with the bravery and determination to make it happen.

If you want to know more about how I came from a teenage homeless hostel and changed my life so I could become a successful entrepreneur, plus more of my advice on success, freedom and how to make your own luck, have a look at my book How To Be Lucky.

Whatever you decide to do in your life, be lucky.
Matt Kinsella

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