How To Be Lucky In Love

As it is Valentine’s Day I thought I would make a slightly off topic post and talk about how I found luck in love.

As a typical guy I rarely talk about love and emotions so make the most of it. In fact if you had asked me 5 years ago what I thought about love I would have told you it’s a load of sentimental crap. At best I might have said that love is just a confusion of simple emotions. I had heard about the fireworks and thunderbolts when eyes meet across a room but I believed this was just more sentimentality invented to sell chick flicks and romance novels.

This was how I felt until I met my wife Adrienn and she changed everything in a heartbeat. The first time we spent time together it was total fireworks and thunderbolts and I knew straight away (even though I was the biggest skeptic) I was head over heals in love and she felt the same.

I had felt something similar before but it wasn’t the same and to have all the love reflected straight back at me from Adrienn convinced me of what was happening.

After falling in love I could suddenly see the people around that had found love and the ones that had just settled. The one couple I know that have always been in love is my uncle Roy and auntie Pat. They met about 40 years ago and after only 2 weeks after their first date they got married! Now all these years later and after emigrating to Florida 30 years ago they are still happily married and in love.

When I first heard that Roy and Pat got married after 2 weeks I was shocked and surprised but now I know how it feels to fall in love like that I am not surprised at all because when you meet that person you know that it’s meant to be and it makes no difference if you commit to each other in 2 weeks or 2 years. You just know that you are meant to be together.

So what are my tips for being lucky in love? Well my first bit of advice is keep the faith that you will find that special someone. I almost settled with a nice partner but we weren’t truly in love and I am glad I finally met my wife who I truly love and she truly loves me. You can easily get skeptical and disheartened as I did but don’t settle for anything less than true love; it will happen.

My second tip is don’t let it go or deny love if it happens, if that special someone comes your way don’t let them go! You might never get that chance again and it’s too precious, grab it with both hands.

Third tip: You are never too old, too young, it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, it makes no difference where you come from or where they come from. Love can overcome all these things. I know this because my wife and I come from different countries and we have the language barriers and cultural differences that this brings but when you love someone these things can easily be dealt with.

I have just realized that with a few minor changes these 3 tips are among the key tips I give for being lucky in life and entrepreneurship so maybe this post is not as off topic as I first thought.

One last tip: It takes two people to be in love, if the other person doesn’t feel the same, don’t waste your time and love on someone who won’t appreciate it, save it for that special person who is out there somewhere. When your love is reciprocated you will know how amazing it can be and understand what I am writing about.

To all those who have found love already and for those that are yet to be lucky in love; have a great Valentine’s Day.

Be Lucky
Matt Kinsella

4 thoughts on “How To Be Lucky In Love”

  1. Great tips. Sounds like you and your wife are blissfully happy – and that’s the way it should be!
    I love your third tip. It’s so true. It doesn’t matter who you are – you can find love. I hear so many people say “Nobody would want me because I’m old….” or a number of other silly and limiting things. Not true! Love is waiting for everyone!

    1. Thanks for your nice comment. As I pointed out; these tips could apply to many aspects of people’s lives and one huge issue is the excuses and problems people invent and convince themselves of to block their own progress and happiness. Whether it’s love, a new career, money or other successes if we strip away our own barriers we can achieve all these things if we truly want to.

  2. Matt, I have yet to be lucky in love, but I sure do love hanging around people who are. It always makes me feel good to hear stories like yours. Thanks for sharing, Juli

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