Make Money Slowly

I recently wrote a blog post about how to make some cash as quickly as possible and I tried to concentrate that article on practical, real ways of how to get your hands on some money the same day or at least within a couple of days. From my own thoughts on that article and some of the feedback I had, it made me consider how quickly someone could make a lot of money. Not just a bit of cash but genuine get rich quick ideas that I could pass on to others.

Forget the lottery or gambling I am talking here about genuine ideas that people can use to start growing some real wealth as quickly as possible.

Everyone is different with varying capabilities so how quickly someone can build wealth  will depend on what existing skills and the aptitude you have but in my experience if you have enough enthusiasm you can learn all you need to know even if that takes a little while. So if you have a few skills to learn, experience to gain and there is money to be made there is no better time to start the journey than now. Every great journey starts with a single step and this time next year you will be glad you started today.

The one response to my Make Money Fast post that made me think about this the most was one that said how one of my simple ideas about washing and waxing cars to a professional standard could turn into a bigger business and make big money. My immediate thought was: Yes! That’s exactly it, anything that makes money can be scaled up. Start small, think big. Google was started in a garage with minimum investment from the founders and their friends and family.

It doesn’t automatically work but with the right attitude, enthusiasm, no fear of risk and by researching and learning quickly you can make a small money-making operation into a larger one. Many of the entrepreneurs I know cut their teeth on small ventures before branching out into bigger things. Equally I have seen people make mistakes with small companies and make them worse by trying to grow the business before making money with the smaller setup.

The principles of finding a product people are willing to pay for, setting a price they are willing to pay that you can make a decent profit from and then successfully selling it to them are the same regardless of the type or size of business. If you can do it right then after that it’s just up to you what scale you want to push it to.

For actual examples of money making ideas you can use that could be scaled up look at my blog post from last year Ideas and Opportunities and the more recent article I have already referred to: Make Money Fast.

The best ideas can even be packaged as franchises so you can sell the concept of your business model to other people without you having to emply anyone or doing any of the real work. If it’s a good idea and you can make money from it, the possibilities are endless.

The other thing to remember is to have fun with it, the more you enjoy it, the more likely you will become wealthy from doing it. Remember if it doesn’t work on a small scale don’t think by ploughing more time and energy in that it will make money on a bigger scale. However if you can make money out of a venture on a small scale there is a good chance with the right choices and your energy then there is every chance you can grow it and get rich from it.

I wish you all the best and I hope all your dreams come true.

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