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Freedom birdsI have said many times that people want to win the lottery because they believe it will buy their freedom but they don’t realize they are already free if they just knew how to take it.

So what techniques can anybody use to get hold of the freedom that is already ours? And what techniques can we use to appreciate and utilize that freedom?

This is probably the simplest thing to understand but at the same time it’s the hardest, internal psychological battle you might go through but once you overcome this battle it can be the most liberating experience in your life. It’s simple because it is easy to explain and take in but incredibly difficult to switch a lifetime of belief in your mind to accepting the real truth.

So here is the truth: When you get up in the morning YOU are in complete and utter control over what happens after that point. You decide to go to work today, not your boss or the bank manager. You decide whether to make the mortgage or rent payment or alternatively if you post the keys back through the letterbox and chase your dreams in Rio or Thailand. You might think that “life” dictates that you must torture yourself today or put up with where you live and how your life has turned out but right this second you have the power to get up and walk away and do anything you like.

The funds you have available to you right this second will influence whether you can run out and buy a Ferrari or not but that’s quite far from what we are talking about. What is the definition of freedom? If you Google the definition of freedom or look it up in a dictionary this is what you will see: The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Tell me what is in this definition that you can’t achieve right now? You have the power today to think and speak what you want but most importantly you are in total control of your actions and with this you have freedom to choose what happens today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

So why is this basic fact of your existing freedom hard to reconcile, appreciate and use effectively in your life not just today but in the long term? Every day since you were about 5 years old you have been obliged (by law) to attend school and be told what to do. But that legal obligation ended after you were 18 and you have no legal obligation to turn up to a life your don’t like every day. Society has molded your perception of your own freedom and conditioned you to follow a certain path. Alongside that whenever you have questioned why life is boring, hard work or you found your work-life and/or home-life tedious then someone always told you “that’s just life, everyone has to do it so just deal with it”.

Put your life in perspective: If you move to a new place because you can’t afford your rent or mortgage anymore and you want to improve your life by relocating, who is going to die? Nobody. If you move in with family because you are unhappy with your career and you told your boss what he needs to hear and you need to downsize so you can follow your dreams instead of being a slave to the 9 to 5, who is going to go to prison for that? Nobody?

I have done this exercise quite a few times in my life when something hasn’t worked out and I need to make some radical changes that others might not approve of or I feel like I should or shouldn’t follow a certain path. I have started new businesses on a whim because an idea excites me and I still do even though only half the ventures I have started have been successful (the successes have been bigger than the failures). Years ago I stood up and walked out of jobs while telling the boss what I think of them on the way out. I have posted keys through letterboxes and moved on for various reasons.

In all these instances I have asked myself: am I or anyone else going to prison, getting critically ill or dying because of what I did or because I didn’t do what was “expected” of me? Of course not, the whole world won’t come crashing down because I did something unusual or different and in fact the evidence from the last 15 years of my life points to chances of great things happening when I stand up and do something against the norm.

This change of psychology in myself 15 years ago saved me from depression, homelessness, poverty and various addictions which enabled me to transform my life in every possible way you can imagine. Because this freedom technique has enabled me to become the successful, healthy and happy person I am today and it only required a switch in thinking I want you and everyone to enjoy the same powerful improvements.

I have made good decisions and bad decisions and I am glad to say the successes have massively outweighed the failures but even if they had not the most important thing to me is my freedom; my power to choose what happens today in my life. You don’t need any money or success to enjoy this power just a new outlook but I have found that this power does eventually bring success, happiness and overwhelming freedom in abundance.

Whatever you choose to do today make sure it’s what you love to do, what you are passionate about, what you know is right for you and those closest to you. You have the power!

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6 thoughts on “Freedom Technique”

  1. Love this! I believe you always have a choice – sometimes, it may seem that neither option is desirable, but there is always the choice:) And freedom to make those choices is amazing.
    What a wonderful world it could be if people followed their passions:)
    Thanks Matt!

  2. Inspiring stuff Matt. The thing that stops most working adults from just leaving and starting anew in Thailand or something is that they are saddled with debt, responsibilities, children, families, car payments, mortgages etc. In many cases they really will go to prison if they simply stop making payments to the bank or walk away from their jobs. It’s a sad fact of life that many carefree 20 year olds grow up, start families and become stuck in a rut they can’t easily get out of.

    1. Thanks for you comment I am glad it inspired you. I don’t know which country you live in but in most western countries you might go bankrupt if you can’t meet your loan payments but you won’t go to prison for that. It’s a common misconception and society induced psychological trap that people believe they might go to prison or something awful might happen if they can’t repay a loan or walk out on a job that is slowly killing them, but bankruptcy is not as bad as some people think and it certainly doesn’t include prison. I am not encouraging anyone to go down that road but if anyone is in a depressed trap that is ruining their life and their families lives, if you need to make a change and restart your life there are legal ways out (that is why bankruptcy exists). Often if you free your mind as I suggest you will see other better and easier ways out anyway, it’s the emotional freedom of mind that will likely give you the solutions that were hidden for so long.

      I have never experienced bankruptcy or liquidation but I know people that have and I have been close to it myself when one of my businesses went under about 7 years ago when I made some bad decisions and I had a lot of crippling personal debt too. I was only able to bounce back from this by rejecting the 9 to 5 office job I was offered and I was tempted by because it was secure and keeping my freedom to make some good deals and start a new business. I spun everything around within 18 months, making more money than ever and clearing all my debts which I have mostly kept to even now so I don’t have any heavy monthly commitments even if I can afford them. It might not happen over night but you have the power to choose to get those debts cleared by whatever it takes, which might include extra work or downsizing your home and cars etc but you can do it if that’s what you want. And remember if you really can’t make those commitments because your circumstances have got to that point, get some legal advice because there are ways out.

      Thanks again for commenting and I wish you the very best of luck and freedom for the future, the choices you make will determine what that future looks like 🙂

  3. There is a little of the Rich Dad Poor Day in your advice here. Most people look for some form of security in their work life as a result of their commitments, they take the easy option. It’s easier to work for the man than for yourself. It’s easier being told what to do than to make decisions based on your own judgement.

    But nothing good ever came easy. Being in control of your own destiny is inspiring yes, but comes with it’s own commitments. It all depends on how dedicated you are.

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful comment and I agree that taking decisive control of your life comes with it’s own commitments but considering how short life is they are worth taking on. People often forget this is life is not a practice run; THIS IS IT! Stay lucky 🙂

  4. Hi Matt,

    wow, what a wonderful article. And I love the logical question you pose after the definition of freedom. It has nothing got to do with money of if we are in a comfortable position today or not. How many people are not aware nowadays that they became slave of their own thoughts and decision ? They used their God-given freedom to become slaves. How insane is that ?

    “Happy slaves are the most embittered enemies of freedom.” Marie Freifrau von Ebner-Eschenbach

    Again, a great story I needed to hear today !

    Thanks for sharing.

    Be blessed


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