How To Create Your Own Luck

Even though I started my adult life as a homeless teen 15 years ago do you believe I am a successful entrepreneur today by fate or did I create some of my own luck? It’s easy to put it down to random chance because that excuses everyone that stand still in life but if you want more from your life and want to know how to create your own luck then read on.

If I had left my life to just fate or allowed myself to continue on the path I was on I can guarantee I would have at best been on minimum wage or worse dead or in prison. However it’s not important what I think about how I turned my life around. What do you believe?

If you believe that I influenced my own fate and luck (even just a small amount) then you believe in the concept of creating your own luck and if you want to make some luck for yourself here is my advice for you:

  1. However successful or unsuccessful you are today, don’t accept what you have got now as your lot in life, decide it’s not enough and you are going to do something about it.
  2. Tell yourself you will make it happen, whatever it takes, tell yourself every day and believe it. Live it, breathe it, whatever it takes!
  3. Don’t listen to anyone that’s putting you or your ideas down unless they have some constructive suggestions or alternatives. Some people will genuinely want to help and have good advice, it’s important to listen sometimes but if they are just naysayers, avoid them and take no notice.
  4. Keep the faith and stick at it. From my own experience and from studying others I have seen it takes approximately 3 years to turn a life around, create a successful business and the journey never ends there. I have many give up after a year or two when they were so close to the tipping point. Change and adapt when you have to but never give up.
  5. Don’t fear risk. If you want to move forward you will have to accept change and with change comes risk. There’s nothing to be afraid of, change is good, it’s standing still that is the crime.
  6. Life is short not just in terms of the time we are on the planet but the short time we are in adulthood and still motivated.  Decide what is your dream in life and go and get it before you regret not doing it. Spend some time thinking if you have millions in the bank and if time and resources were no object; what business or venture would you start? It might take a while, maybe weeks and many discussions with friends and family to finally settle on your ultimate venture. When you decide on it think about the steps it would take to achieve it and maybe it’s not as far away from happening than you first thought.
  7. Finally, always remember that making your dreams come true is about doing things not wishing for things.

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