Make It Happen

Stop wishing for things and start making your dreams come true with your own actions. I did and I can show you how.

It is very easy to make a decision, have a dream or an idea and even if you find it hard to come up with ideas for a new venture or new life, believe it or not good ideas are ten a penny.

There are loads of great ideas out there, every bar and coffee shop has people coming up with ideas every day, some bad some good. Ideas, dreams, goals and wishes are not a rare commodity, they are everywhere and new ones are being thought up every second.

What is rare is the execution or putting into action an idea, a goal, dream or wish. Amazingly it is often very easy to put plans into action too but people perceive it to be difficult so they never even try.

Dr Martin Luther King said that we do not need to see the whole staircase to take the first step. He was also the one that said the immortal phrase “I have a dream!”. He knew the real secret to making things happen; he knew that first you need the dream and secondly you need to take the first step but importantly we should never be so overwhelmed by the whole thing that it would hold us back from taking that important first step.

Without realizing it for many years this was how I achieved success; by not just having a dream and ideas but by making some important initial steps. When I was 18 and living in my car I would never have been able to perceive the life I live now, I would have been massively overwhelmed by what it would take and how many steps it would require to get here. I didn’t insist on knowing the whole plan or “seeing the entire staircase” I just started taking steps.

Life is very short and not only in it’s entirety but the useful years are very short. I hate to pigeonhole people by any standard but I am going to make some generalizations here about age, I know everyone does not fit these criteria, I’m generalizing so don’t shoot me down for it:

After education and messing around for a while we are usually over 20 years old before we are really living our lives. Lately I have seen people in their late 50s and early 60s wanting less work and spend more time with the family and grandchildren. After seeing this recently I am convinced it’s part of a natural (and good) part of life’s cycle. It’s probably no coincidence that this is around the age many people want to retire or are looking forward to their retirement more. I am not saying they have less energy, sometimes older people have more but it’s where they want to direct their energy that changes.

So this means we have maximum 25 to 30 years of useful, productive work/business life, if we are fortunate and don’t get sick, have an accident etc. Obviously our retirement will be fulfilling in other ways but who wants to worry about money and have to stay inspired through it? Let’s face it many of us don’t start really getting it together until after 30 so with this and years subtracted for children or other family commitments plus a few bad career choices we could be looking at as little as 10 to 15 years to make some of our biggest  dreams come true.

Now don’t take all this the wrong way I am not trying to be depressing or ageist in any way, quite the opposite. I am trying to inspire you and make you realize that “one more year and then I’ll do something” is not going to cut it any more. In one more year you are just going to be one year older and less inspired and energized to make things happen than you are now so don’t wait, DO IT NOW!

Make you and those around you happy by MAKING your dreams come true. Take the first step today, you can do it!

If you would like some more specific advice on making things happen in your life and find out more about how I did it read my book How To Be Lucky and my Direct Entrepreneur Course. It’s my story of how I changed my life from being a homeless teen to become a successful entrepreneur and my advice and experience of the changes and improvements I have made since so anyone can follow the same steps and create success for themselves.

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