beach pathLuck is when preparation meets opportunity

The title of my book How To Be Lucky was not decided until the book was almost finished, the first draft had already gone off to various people without a title. In my eyes the book was about how anyone from any background (highlighted by how I made it even though I started out as a homeless teen) could create a great life by simply recognizing and making the most of the opportunities that surround all of us.

The book “became” How To be Lucky from one of the anecdotes in the book that describes how people who did not know my background, who only saw my success constantly exclaimed how lucky I was. After a few years of this and after a few discussions I decided if this is what people think is luck then I can teach anyone how to be lucky.

What prompted me to write this post about opportunity was because about 3 or 4 months ago someone presented me with an idea that made good money for someone else and with only a few minor modifications I could do the same.

It doesn’t matter what the idea was, it is only relevant to me, my knowledge and contacts. The ideas and opportunities available to you are different to mine but no better or worse. Plus I can’t give too much away for free here otherwise nobody would buy my book, attend my seminars or take up my business courses.

It was a great idea, a perfect business opportunity for me that I could do alongside my other ventures and it had the potential to increase my monthly cash flow by 50%. This was probably one of the best opportunities that has come my way in the last 2 – 3 years. There was no risk and to try it out would cost me less than $50 and a few days of my time.

What made this opportunity special or different for me is that I didn’t do anything with it. For one of the first and few times in my life I made the same mistake many others make; I was so busy and distracted by other things in my life that I just forgot about it. My wife and I had a new baby, I was busy with other ventures, I was busy and distracted as most people are.

This episode has given me an insight into why we don’t take opportunities but after considering it again I wasn’t going to let it go, I have finally put that idea into action and I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. The point I want to make here is that it might be too late to implement some ideas and opportunities but others you have been presented with are still just waiting for you to pick them up and run with them.

Don’t make the same mistake as others and remain distracted by the day to day treadmill so that you don’t follow your dreams and do something different and make you and those around you happier.

If you would like some inspiration to come up with ideas and recognize opportunities read these 2 blog posts I wrote last year: Ideas and Opportunities and Developing Ideas and Opportunities.

For my ultimate guides to achieving success by recognizing, creating and making the most of opportunities read my book How To Be Lucky and Direct Entrepreneur Course. This is my manual and a life course that anyone could use.

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