Bucket List Ideas

I am always telling people how short life is and how we should be doing what we love while we can and before we regret it. This got me thinking about bucket list ideas.

I started looking at some bucket lists on the internet and lists of things “all real men should do before they die”, to some extent they were tongue in cheek and just a bit of fun. As I have lived quite a colorful life already I have ticked off a large number of fun, cool and also silly things but it got me thinking about things I would still like to do so I started thinking of my own bucket list ideas.

Because I have only had general bucket list ideas in my head before I thought this would be a good moment to write a bucket list properly, share it here and update it as I tick things off and add new things. I strongly recommend you write your own bucket list so you make sure you are focused on what you want from life. Let your list be long and comprehensive like mine below, I am adding everything, big and small that I want to see or do before I die, no matter how huge, small, unrealistic or silly. If I really would like to achieve it before I die, it’s going on the list. It might start off small and modest but I am going to add to it over time so stay posted.

My bucket list, in no particular order or priority:

  1. Ride a horse through the Grand Canyon
  2. Spend more time in my family’s homeland Ireland
  3. Own, train and enter a racehorse at an official track event
  4. Go back to Las Vegas at least once more
  5. Kayak down the Amazon (not the whole way, just a few miles will do)
  6. Live in Australia for at least one year
  7. Learn how to snowboard properly and spend at least a couple of winters in a mountain resort
  8. Catch a marlin
  9. Spend an entire 6 months island hopping in the Mediterranean
  10. Spend an entire 6 months island hopping in the Caribbean
  11. Spend more than a month in Hawaii, whilst there I must learn to surf to a reasonable level
  12. Write another book
  13. Teach at least one of my children how to fish
  14. Go to the Monaco Grand Prix
  15. Ride a Harley Davidson on route 66
  16. Learn Hungarian to a standard where I can hold a good conversation with a stranger and write a letter
  17. Sell at least 5 of my artwork photographs
  18. Be the best man at a friends wedding
  19. Paint at least one painting that I would like enough to hang on my own wall
  20. Learn to play the guitar better so I can play Voodoo Chile by Hendrix to a reasonable standard. I would also like to play Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd and sing along. (I can sing it pretty well, just need to add the guitar).
  21. Go fire walking
  22. Mentor someone who becomes a successful entrepreneur
  23. Bake more bread
  24. Watch Juventus play a home derby match against Inter Milan, also Barcelona at home to Real Madrid and Liverpool vs Manchester United at Anfield. All in one season
  25. Build a house from scratch
  26. Take 3 successive foreign trips at random by only choosing and booking the destination the day before leaving
  27. Breed an endangered species and contribute to bringing it back from the edge of extinction. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a fish, mammal, bird, reptile or amphibian
  28. Have my own fishing lake, catch fish and cook them on my BBQ regularly with my friends
  29. Write a blog post on this blog every day for a year
  30. Make more of my own beer
  31. Have no work, business or social commitments for one year so I can give my family undivided attention all day, every day for a full 365 days
  32. Get another tattoo, one I really like this time instead of a half drunk teenage one
  33. Make more loans and donations through DEKI.org.uk to help third world entrepreneurs

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4 thoughts on “Bucket List Ideas”

  1. Hi Matt,
    It stroked me how many items from your list would make it to mine. But your 16th is even bigger surprise. Why did you pick Hungarian? It is a beautiful language, and I am glad you like it, but it is such an unusual choice.
    However, I am glad you’ve chosen it, let me know if you need some help :-).

    1. Hi Atti
      Thanks for your comment. I love Hungary, Budapest is my favorite City and that is a big compliment because I am not a city person at all. I also spend a lot of time in Hungary in the summer around the lake Balaton. My wife is also Hungarian and now we have a daughter together I want to make sure we can talk to her in English and Hungarian.
      Have a great day!

  2. Hi Matt,
    Inspiring list! I have to make my own:) Really enjoy reading your posts and would love to meet you and your familiy, when you are in Budapest ar at your vineyard at the Balaton! Will connect on FB.

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