The Pendulum Effect

The basic principle of the pendulum effect is this: If you keep putting energy into something and keep pushing it, eventually it will give you something back.

There are times when I truly thought maybe I was mad and everyone else was right. Maybe I should give up my mad experiment of entrepreneurship and freedom, accept defeat and go back to the 9 to 5. But that is usually the point when I just need to push that little bit more and suddenly the pendulum swings back with it’s own energy.

Thankfully I am usually crazy enough and hate being told what to do enough, that I stick at it until I get something back.

This last year I have done almost nothing but throw time, money and energy at various projects with very little coming back. To be honest these projects were the type I did not expect much back and that is not the reason I undertook them but nevertheless it became a little draining.

It can be a little demotivating and depressing even to the most positive person when you keep pushing and nothing comes back. But I had to remind myself of the best part of the pendulum effect; the longer and harder you keep pushing the bigger the swing back will be.

A few people have asked me recently how they can stay motivated when things don’t work out as expected or projects are taking longer to take off than first imagined. I have to say it is not always easy; if it was quick and easy then everyone would be doing it wouldn’t they?

I recently watched a documentary about the filmmaker Marc Forster and he described how he worked on small low budget, no money films and living on handouts from friends and relatives for 10 years before he got his big break. Ten years! But after 10 years of pushing on that pendulum it swung back with the best jobs Hollywood could offer and millions of dollars.

This reminded me that people should not lose faith after 6 months, 1 year or 2 years. I have only succeeded because I have doggedly stuck to my ideas and principles even when times were tough. But even I was slightly embarrassed and put in my place when I heard Marc Forster talked of throwing his life into his film making, without compromise for 10 long years with a belief in the pendulum effect that one day would give back the energy he put in.

You have got to be passionate about what your doing, you have to believe in it and eventually all that energy has to go somewhere.

Stick at it and stay lucky!

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4 thoughts on “The Pendulum Effect”

  1. Being passionate about what we do helps us achieve it in spite of lot difficulties. I believe that we should not waste time on things we don like or not interested in.

    1. Totally agree. There’s no point following a career or any life plan we don’t enjoy because difficulties will be magnified. Life is short, make the most of it. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a great comment 🙂

  2. Thanks for this wonderful article. People often quit trying when they are just a few seconds away from success. In such a scenario, if one trusts something like this – pendulum effect and decides to give just one more shot, he might be successful. He might get what he was trying for since so long. You just need to keep pushing yourself for getting better and better. 🙂

  3. This I call motivation, for years I’ve had business ideas coming into me but never enforced or acted upon achieving them. But now after I’ve spoke to some few people who gave me inspiration and the motivation I have been seeking for years, I feel it’s now now or ever. Time for me to act upon achieving my dreams.

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