Change of Direction

crossroadsIt can be really hard to break old habits and do something new even if the old way is bad for us. It can be difficult to reprogram new and better habits but it’s worth the effort.

Last night my wife and I were driving to one of our favorite restaurants and as we were about half way there I took an alternative route. My wife asked me where I was going and I just explained that the new traffic lights made it difficult so I was trying a new route.

When we arrived and parked we both agreed the new route was better and we went and had a great meal. After the meal I started to go home via the new route and my wife said she would not have remembered to go the new way and she would have automatically gone back home the old route. I mentioned that I had to force myself to remember and I consciously made a mental note not to forget. However I could easily have forgotten and just gone on autopilot using the old direction.

My wife and I then went on to have a long discussion all the way home about how even when it is something simple like a new route to a frequently visited destination like a favorite restaurant or work place, it is still hard to reprogram our long established habits.

Even though I had nothing to lose; there was no risk at all by choosing the new route. Even though I had everything to gain because the old way had become so time consuming and difficult. Even though it was only a simple and insignificant change of direction to a restaurant it was still hard to remember and break the old habit.

So if it is hard to break this type of simple habit it is no wonder that people spend years in jobs they hate in places they don’t care for much. When there is risk and greater effort involved people will put that change of direction to the back of their minds. Any kind of change takes a certain amount of effort, willingness and thought.

If you want to make a change for the better, achieve something new or you are already in the middle of a great change, remember that it takes drive and constant reminders from yourself to achieve better things. Also remember that it is NEVER easy to change direction and a one off thought or action will never complete the goal.

Stay strong, keep at it and you will get there. As Einstein once said: Life is like riding a bike, to keep your balance you have to keep moving.

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3 thoughts on “Change of Direction”

  1. Hi Matt,
    I’m struggling to get a small business going and working in an office job I don’t enjoy (although it pays well). I’m often at the point of giving up and almost daily I have a mental argument with myself for not giving up. That last couple of paragraphs gave me a little boost so thanks for that.
    Take it easy,

    1. Hi Jem, thanks for your comment. Sometimes my own life gets in the way of my goals. For some it’s a job for others it might be family commitments or other projects but life is too short not to do the things we love. I wouldn’t want anyone to get into financial problems so don’t quit your job unless you can make your business work but in my own personal experience it is nearly impossible to get a business off the ground and work a full time job at the same time. The very best of luck and keep me posted on how you get on 🙂

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