Personal Goals Must Come Before Professional Goals

GoalsRecently I have found myself sitting back a little and enjoying some of the things that have been happening in my personal life. We have a new baby and we have been planning a new house that we will be building at our vineyard later this year. Because of this, some of my professional work and business has gone on the back burner.

After a while this lead to me feeling more than a bit demotivated when I had to do anything work related and I had to sit down and think about why because this is one of the only times this has happened to me in my life. And with feeling so happy and relaxed in my home life I thought I should be readily motivated whenever I needed to get any work done but I wasn’t.

After thinking and discussing it with family and friends I realized what the real problem was and how I could fix it. Over the last few years I have been working towards certain personal goals and what I was doing professionally was helping me to achieve those goals. Now that I had accomplished those personal objectives I was a little lost as to what I was trying to achieve next or what was motivating me to do the next thing.

Even though I had spent a couple of months feeling a little lost, I suddenly saw the answer was simple: personal goals must come before professional goals. When we know what we want to get out of life we know what we need to work towards professionally to get what we want. Either to pay for it directly or to create the lifestyle that makes it possible.

I am always saying “work to live, don’t live to work” but I didn’t truly understand every aspect of that saying until now.

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