Money Can’t Buy You Happiness But Happiness Can Buy You Money

HappinessHappiness can buy you money!

Everyone knows the old saying “money can’t buy you happiness” and whether you believe it or not there is at least some truth in it. But if money can’t buy you happiness does that mean the reverse is true? Can happiness buy you money? All the evidence suggests this is true and actually it seems obvious.

So obvious, I can’t believe nobody is pushing this concept in a big way but it is true (so I am going to push it in a big way); the happier you are, the more prosperous you are likely to be. Governments around the world are starting to realize this and have started to measure how happy people are, because they know that the happier the population is, then the more prosperous and productive the country becomes.

So, it’s simple then; get happy and get rich. Job done! If only life were that simple. Being happy and finding the key to happiness has been the holy grail of every religion, philosopher and a great number of individuals since Human Beings first came into existence.

However I think I can offer some hope in this area, not a fix (I’m not God!) but some hope. I am going to make a very personal confession and I hope I’m not going to regret sharing it but I am going to anyway: I have very occasionally suffered from bouts of depression in my life and I have some symptoms of being Bipolar. Most know me as an incredibly positive and energetic person who makes things happen and I am that person but I can also have low periods of no energy and self doubt. Thankfully they have never lasted long and I have learned to control it and most of the low points are now just memories from the past.

What I learned was a technique I had used a few times without realizing and it was not until recently I could see what this technique actually was and how effective it had been for me. A few weeks ago I read the following quote and it struck a chord immediately; “People often say that motivation and inspiration doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” I suddenly saw how whenever I had been through difficult times and I was feeling low, no matter how long or short this period lasted, the turn around didn’t begin until I had worked hard every day to motivate and inspire myself to make things better.

The key here is that one day or one afternoon of motivation or inspiration is not enough, it’s not nearly enough. Even if you are not feeling low and you want to be happier in your life it will take a daily dose of motivation and inspiration to make it happen and keep it.

To give you some ideas, here is what I do every day to motivate myself and keep myself inspired:

  • I tell myself every day what my goals are, professional and personal so I can remind myself what I am working towards.
  • I read at least a few pages from an inspiring book, this could be an autobiography, a business book or a self help style book. This could be a new book or one I have read before. Currently I am reading Bob Marley The Untold Story By Chris Salewicz. (I am going to take this opportunity to shamelessly plug my own inspirational book How To Be Lucky, you can get a copy here).
  • I talk to my best friend Graham on Skype, no matter where he is in the world or where I am, we chat on Skype regularly to bounce ideas around, run through our thoughts and push each other along when we are feeling demotivated.
  • I help others. No matter how I am feeling myself I help others by replying to messages requesting help and advice from random people all over the world. Or I help a friend in some small way; assist them with their home improvements, help them out in their business or babysit their kids. I made a conscious effort to do this a few years ago and the love, kindness and gratitude I get back really helps to motivate me.
  • I write a blog post or just some notes on any new thoughts, ideas or positive ramblings. If you don’t have a blog or you don’t want to start one just write down your positive thoughts and ideas every day and refer back to them regularly.

I hope this has given you some inspiration and motivation for today so that you can find some more happiness and hopefully that will bring some greater wealth too.

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7 thoughts on “Money Can’t Buy You Happiness But Happiness Can Buy You Money”

  1. I was just thinking that one of the best ways to make myself feel better is to use any special gift I have to help others. Use my powers for good.:) If I find myself feeling down I think, who can I champion today? Who can I reach out to today? It gives me a sense of purpose and belonging. It also keeps me busy until I get out of my funk.;)

    1. Thanks for sharing and being open! When I get into a ‘funk’ I meditate and focus on

      Just for Today…

      I will be grateful
      I will not worry
      I will not anger
      I will do my work honestly
      I will show love & respect for all
      -The Five Reiki Precepts.

  2. Brilliant post Matt, your daily routine for inspiration should be the hallmark of every business school on the planet! The former King of Bhutan who championed Gross National Happiness over GNP would be so very proud.

  3. Hey Matt

    That’s certainly an inspiring message in your post. It was interesting to hear what you do on a daily basis to keep yourself motivated.

    Goals are important and whilst I have these for the longer term, I must try not to forget to set those for myself on the short term.

    Thanks for sharing.


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