The Way Negativity Motivates Me

Boxing glovesI like to be positive and I enjoy seeing the best in things but life sometimes isn’t all positivity and light.

Negativity still motivates us and in some ways it can offer the biggest incentives and motivation we can get.

We all know of some great sporting icon who came from the lowest beginnings and worked hard to vastly improve their life. The dedication required to get to the top in most sports takes a constant, never-ending drive to succeed at all costs. That drive often comes from so much negativity surrounding their lives they are just desperate to do whatever it takes to escape the fate they were born into or found themselves in through no fault of their own.

Boxers are one of the groups this often applies to and they stand out to me for a number of reasons. One reason is I have done boxing myself and I know what a grueling sport it is and how hard you have to train compared to many other sports. It is also because you often have to take a serious physical beating even if you win!

What could possibly motivate you to work harder, never give up and take more beatings than the next guy just to be better and maybe one day reach the top? There isn’t a whole lot of positive reinforcement, especially at the beginning, so it can only be the negativity surrounding their daily lives that motivates them to push on so they can escape.

I have noticed a pattern in my own life that when there is some constant negative pressure for more than a few weeks and how it affects me positively and I wanted to share this in the hope it might help you too.

What I have found is that when I have been in a difficult situation and/or there are people around me that are affecting me in bad way, it is difficult not to be pulled down. I think this is natural and unavoidable sometimes but I have noticed after a while I can get angry about it, frustrated and annoyed. This is also quite a natural reaction when problems in life persist. However what I have learned is that you can turn that annoyance, anger and frustration into the most powerful motivator you can get.

The key is to use that energy and emotion to turn things around and do whatever it takes to escape the situation. In the case when I was a homeless teen, I did get down and other people did influence me in a negative way but eventually I got so pissed off with the situation that I threw myself at the world with everything I had so I could turn my life around. Nothing was going to stop me, I was prepared to do whatever it took or die trying.

Situations don’t need to be as drastic as this and a few times in my life since I have been dragged down by problems and other people only to eventually find myself in the same position where I was determined to do whatever it took to get out of that situation and improve my life again.

Use those feelings to get what you want in life and show everyone what you are made of; finish that project, get the promotion, get better grades at school, start that business you always wanted, move to a better neighborhood, prove to everyone they were wrong, make new friends. Whatever it might be don’t let the negativity pull you down for too long use it to turn yourself into the best person you can be.

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