Getting motivated

If you read my blog and Twitter posts and feel inspired but unsure where to start or struggle to get motivated then here is some advice.

Even though I have a great life and I can generally choose what to do most days I also have a young family and commitments to juggle. So getting motivated to do new projects or spend time doing the boring stuff to get a new venture off the ground can be difficult for me too sometimes.

Today was a great example; yesterday I dropped my parents back to the airport after they visited for a long weekend and today I had to sit down and rewrite some modules of my business course.

I really struggled to motivate myself because it was quite a big job to sit and do, it was also something I couldn’t delegate, only I could do it. So I decided to leave it and edit some of my website instead. I also started drafting some ideas for new blog posts and articles. After that (and a few walks round the garden), before long I was in the mood to revisit the modules that needed rewriting. Why?

I have come to realize that if I depress myself with a daunting task it just gets worse in my head and it never gets done. If I don’t let it build up in my mind to a scary prospect then I can continue to think about it properly. If you are thinking about something constructively and continuing to generate ideas then you are still working on it. You don’t have to be taking on huge, scary chunks of change and work at once to be moving forward. Just thinking about something properly is more than enough sometimes.

If I can keep certain tasks in perspective then I can continue to think about them, ponder new concepts and stay inspired. I might only scribble notes occasionally when I have thoughts and ideas (I recommend you always do this) but when I feel the time is right, I have a whole bunch of notes, thoughts, ideas and inspiration to run with.

Allowing yourself time to formulate more ideas and a clearer plan in smaller steps will inevitably lead to more action than throwing yourself in at the deep end and drowning in problems.

If you look at one brick it is tiny compared to a whole building but each brick has to be placed one at a time in the right place to create that building. You can’t chuck 10 bricks or 100 bricks down at once they each have to be placed individually. It is not difficult to lift one brick and put it with the next one but they are all equally important and eventually they make a massive, immovable and imposing structure. Just because you only placed one brick today doesn’t mean you haven’t done anything, every brick counts.

If you are feeling scared or unmotivated about anything then just leave it for now, do something else and just let a clearer plan formulate in your head. If you frighten yourself with a mountain to climb you will never think clearly enough to achieve it.

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4 thoughts on “Getting motivated”

  1. Hi Matt,

    very, very wise words!! Sincere Congratulations!!

    2 QUESTIONs:

    1) what do you think about this:

    “If you must think, think Big!!” by Donald Trump

    “I’ve always started small but I’ve always sought big challenges” by Richard Branson

    I ask you this kind of question because in my case maybe that if I had always thought big, I would have been a really successful person!!

    2) Anyway, in your case, for what I’ve understood about you, your original approach before being successful, was Thinking Big, now that you’re getting wiser, you say lots of small steps make up a big leap!!

    Is it true?

    Let us know, if you feel like!

    All the best!


    1. Hi, good questions. Having grand plans is one thing but being daunted by a mountain is another. I always think big but it’s important to appreciate every step. I didn’t go from homeless to success overnight, there were a few important and significant steps involved. My approach has never changed, I just understand it better now.

  2. I can totally relate to the difficulty you have with getting started on projects and then dealing with the ensuing depression and mental aggravation. What’s worse is how it becomes even more difficult as the job gets bigger and the deadline grows nearer. There have been times I’ve gone searching for chores to do around the house just so I won’t have to sit in front of the computer and face an empty Word document. It’s pretty nuts. There aren’t any mountains to climb in my neck of the woods, but by god do I have a spotless kitchen!

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