A Brief History of Me

I get asked a few questions regularly about my past personal and professional life and what I am doing now so I thought I’d answer those and maybe a few more things with this post.

My homeless period lasted for about a year and a half from when I was 17 (almost 18) in 1996 until towards the end of 1997.

I was always rebellious and single minded. Once when I was 15 I received a bad behavior report from school but I felt it was unfair because it was for mostly questioning teachers authority not seriously disruptive behavior. So after they gave it to me in the morning telling me to get it signed by my parents, I walked out the school gate and walked the 12 miles home just to prove nobody could make me stay in school and tell me what to do. I had no money for the bus and my bus pass only covered the school bus. The only option was to walk and it was further than I thought but I had a point to prove and I gladly did it.

During the next 2 years after that I started smoking, drinking and dabbling in recreational drugs. I would sneak out at night regularly and spend evenings on the beach with other misfits my age.

When I was 16 my parents moved house, a long way from everything and everyone I knew and looking back that probably saved my life but at the time I was really upset and didn’t forgive them for years. That resentment spilled over into blazing rows and sometimes physical fights between me and my Dad.

Eventually when I had learned to drive and worked part time jobs to save up for a very old car (that was more rust than metal) I decided to leave home.

I spent the next year and a half living in my car, sometimes on friends sofas, sleeping on the beach and then in a homeless shelter for teenagers.

I won’t give too much away that is in my book so I will skip how I left the hostel and made certain things happen. I made my own luck to BS my way into an IT job in London and started to think how I could change my life.

My entrepreneurial career started quite early, I was around 21 years old when I started working freelance and pondering how I could create my own wealth instead of working for others.

Around that time I went to America for about a year helping to setup a software and support company. When I returned to London I setup an IT contract company and we did contract work for CitiBank, WPP and Goldman Sachs before starting various IT support companies and getting involved with property investments. All of which I did with no qualifications whatsoever and just by putting myself in the right situations and saying the right things to the right people. I made my own luck. See my book for more details.

Apart from a few ups and downs I have had a great life since, driving nice cars, living in nice houses, traveling the world and doing things I never would have dreamed possible 15 years earlier.

Even though I had come so far and achieved so much I still had something inside me that was questioning what I was doing and what I should be doing. A few years ago a childhood friend of mine died in India while he was traveling. He had stayed true to his beliefs (as I wished I had done a bit more). I was doing really well at that point but I wasn’t enjoying everything I was doing. So in homage to my friend I changed my life again, I stopped doing some of the consultancy work that I secretly hated, I took a gamble and I invested in land and property in eastern Europe (which I am still doing), traveled more, wrote my book How To Be Lucky and decided to dedicate more of my time and energy to helping and inspiring other people.

Since writing the book I spend a lot of time corresponding with people who have enjoyed the book and some who have had problems in their own lives.

I have also been busy at home in the last 10 months since my wife gave birth to Layla which has been great and tiring at the same time.

I am still working on various land and property investments but I have also been spending the last year working on an entrepreneurial business course which I am hopefully launching soon.

I am as excited about the future as I have ever been, I wish you all the best in your future whatever you are doing.

For more detail on my story and my advice on making your own luck see my book How To Be Lucky.

If you would like some help with marketing your business or just to share your experiences I would really like to hear from you. Get in touch via the form below and I will email you back.

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