I was thinking today how I could nail down my philosophies into the most important one and then boil that down to the most specific parts of that one significant point. This isn’t the easiest thing to do because I feel the need to explain things properly. I am also in the process of writing an entrepreneurship course which is already 20,000 words and I am only half way through at the most.

I have a lot of strategies, techniques, theories and philosophies so how could I pick one and condense it down? It took me a little while but it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be. It simply and honestly came down to this: “decisions”.

I thought back to the one thing I did, the first thing that started my first big life change when I was homeless. It was a decision. The first thing I did was I decided I wanted more from life and that was the start. Then I quickly made some further decisions about what that better life might look like and the steps I should take.

Believe it or not things happened quite quickly when I put my mind to it. Also things stood still when I didn’t do much. What action and how much action I took was decided by me (another decision). About 18 months later I had achieved most of the goals I had decided were important and then realized some things needed tweaking, so I upped my game and made some more decisions.

This time it took slightly longer and about 3 years later I had reached all the new goals I had decided on but again I wanted more and some things were not quite how I wanted so I made some new decisions about what I really wanted in life and what I should do to progress towards those targets.

Once again it took longer this time, about 5 years but I achieved all my new goals. So in total up to that particular point it had taken nearly 10 years but I had gone through 3 manifestations of goals and life changes and achieved them all, and more. I had gone from homeless to owning a huge house in the English countryside, having new cars and fantastic foreign holidays and travelling around the world, I could go on but you get the picture, I had what most people would perceive as a dream lifestyle.

What more could I want? But I still wasn’t quite where I wanted to be professionally and personally. This time it took me longer to make the decisions than to reach the goals. That’s because when you are homeless it’s pretty freaking obvious what your initial goals should be and even if you make mistakes it’s not hard to make massive progress very quickly.

So it took me almost 2 years to figure out what I wanted and in fact I’m still refining that and probably will gone doing so forever but the initial targets I have reached and I should be more thankful for that than I am sometimes.

The point is that it really just boiled down to decisions, then acting on those decisions. Once you have made a committed decision and you are willing to act and do whatever it takes to achieve it then that’s really all you need. As I am writing this and reading it back it sounds stupidly simple but it’s still probably some of the best advice I could give anyone.

I hope this brief theory can help you like it has helped me but if you’d like a bit more “flesh on the bones” from my advice and concepts on changing lives, please contact me:


3 thoughts on “Decisions”

  1. I agree, the mid and long term decisions you make are important. I am currently working on my next set of mid term decisions (I think of them as goals/benchmarks) as I have completed my previous set and the main difficulty is deciding WHICH decisions to make.

    I feel a lot of pressure to make the right decisions as I will be dedicating serious amounts of time to reaching those goals and wan’t to invest in the set that will get me furthest towards my long term goals.

    Specifically I am trying to decide what hard skills to develop an expertise in. I am in marketing (That was a mid term goal) to develop that skill towards my long term goal of starting a company. Now I need to get a hard skill (Maybe bio engineering?) so I can really start a company that will have massive impact (VS just implementing an already existing technology and marketing it better, which is usually low impact).

    So yeah, I agree, decisions (Or in other words planning, goals, benchmarks) are important.

    1. Yes planning and setting goals is very important but only a decision to take action and the decisions you make a long the way will determine whether you reach those goals or not. Goals and decisions are not the same thing. You can plan goals all day long but only when you make a decision and take action will you make progress. As I often say to people: “Taking small steps is more important than planning big ones”. The best of “luck” to you in whatever you decide to do 🙂

      1. Good point, I was missing the distinction.

        After planning, if you don’t make those small decisions that get you out the door and lead towards your goals you aren’t going anywhere.

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