Coaching and Consultancy

Coaching at a larger conference

Coaching and consultancy is the most rewarding thing I do in my professional life because I get to talk to clients on a regular basis and give them the benefit of my experience and expertise that is specific to them.

My book, blog posts, articles and (soon to be launched) entrepreneurship course are all great ways for me to share my knowledge, techniques and strategies but I have to generalize or expand on topics significantly to cover so many people and eventualities.

With coaching and consultancy I can take the time to get to know the clients exact issues and situation so I can give the best tailored solutions. Plus I get brilliant personal feedback  of the good results I have helped someone achieve through coaching that I just don’t get via my book or the articles I write.

Over the last few years I have been helping people just starting out in business and established firms, from the smallest self-employed “one man bands” to global companies. In at least one instance I have helped a self-employed one man band become a global company.

Clients I have coached have become more profitable  reduced unnecessary costs to enable growth and gained new-found belief and enjoyment from their ventures. There is nothing better for me than to share my experience and expertise to help others to achieve some success.

Because I have freed up some time recently, and to run in conjunction with my entrepreneurship business course that I’ll be launching soon, I am looking to take on some new coaching clients.

If you want to start a business but you are finding it hard to hit on the right idea or if you are already running an enterprise but struggling to go to the next level, I’d like to help you.

Because I love doing the coaching so much I don’t charge a fortune and if you would like some one to one help from me I will gladly discuss rates that you can afford. Although my fees for coming on-site to do consultancy are higher I do most of my coaching via Skype, email and telephone and these offsite coaching fees are quite low. I would like to think that whatever I charge, if my advice is followed then my fee is repaid many times over through increased revenue and/or profits.

I only have some limited time available so there are only so many clients I can take on. If you are serious about starting a business or you genuinely would like some help to grow your existing company or venture then I will happily arrange a free chat on the phone so we can discuss if I might be able to help you or not. If this is of interest to you fill out the form below and I will be in touch: