Life Passes Most People by While They are Making Grand Plans For it

For a long time I would have confidently told anyone I was not scared of dying or I had no fear of death. If it’s your time, then it’s your time. I still feel the same but I am now very scared of not fitting in everything I want to do before I die.

My eldest daughter is now eleven years old and those eleven years have flown by like nothing. In another 11 years I’ll be 46 and another 11 years after that I’ll be nearly 60. I know I’m still a relatively young man now, but every year that goes by I add more things to the list of stuff I want to do, or achieve, in my life. Not just before I die but before I get too old to achieve all my goals. The list gets longer and the time gets shorter.

So I would say I still have no fear of death itself more a fear of not achieving all my goals before my time runs out. This feeling seems to be getting stronger as every year passes.

I am sure this is normal but what I find strange is; if this is normal, why are so many people just counting the days until they die by crossing off another uneventful day in their life but at the same time burying the reality of what they are doing?

Sometimes when I mention this subject to people they accuse me of being depressing but they are missing the point completely. I am being positive, I want to cram in as much good and positive stuff into my life as possible. Whereas those ignoring the truth or burying their heads in the sand about how short life is, are being depressing.

I am not saying everyone should be on the path to being a millionaire or a sports star but just some genuine drive to improve and make steps forward in life. To learn something new, like how to draw or paint, or learn another language, to get a little fitter, visit some new places, make new friends, reach out to old friends, get a better job (not necessarily more money just more fulfilling and better people), see the world, learn another language. The list is endless and doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult.

One of the sayings I tweeted recently was that life passes most people by whilst they are making grand plans for it. I wish everyone would stop making plans to “one day” follow their dreams and realize life is too short. Taking small steps is way more important than planning big ones. Stop making plans and take some action. Make “one day” TODAY!

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