Motivational Coaching

Creating a new lifestyle definitely requires a good dose of self-motivation and if you are struggling with getting yourself going, you are not alone. Doing the same thing day in day out is what most people do because they lack the energy or determination to put into practice all their ideas. It is a common problem.

Like many self-employed people, I have struggled with self-motivation through the years and it is at it’s worse when life is ticking along with no major upsets, even though I know I need to do better. Fortunately I have some periods of my life to look back on and draw from those experiences to push myself forward. I have taught myself some great strategies to dig deep and press on even when I don’t fell like it.

Now I find it incredibly rewarding to help others that have great ideas to change their lives but lack the esteem, skills, energy or motivation to move forward.

Do any of these examples sound familiar to you?

  • You know you can do better and achieve more than you are now?
  • Stuck in a job or business arrangement you don’t like?
  • You have ideas to make changes but you are struggling to implement them?
  • You have a business that is not doing as well as you would like?
  • You start projects but lose interest or don’t finish them for some reason?
  • You take things personally so small issues hold you back?

If you would like some help with these issues from someone who has actually been through it and found the answers, contact me using the form below:

You can also take a look at my dedicated coaching site.

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