Easier Times Ahead

For some reason I just had a feeling/premonition that I have not felt for a while; the economy and general mood is going to pick up. More prosperity is on the way. I am not in the game of blaming problems on a recession, there’s always solutions if you want to find them but there’s no doubt the climate has been tough for a few years now. But I just suddenly felt something different and I have no idea what or why but a more relaxed and easier time is coming soon.

I would never encourage someone to put plans on hold because of difficult economic times, lack of finance or a recession. Life is way too short to do that and research shows that most successful entrepreneurs started during times of recession. Even big companies know that an economic downturn is an opportunity to increase advertising and marketing cheaply and embrace the other opportunities during these times.

But I would be lying if I said the last few years have been no different to others before or it’s as easy as ever to start a new venture or succeed with an existing project because it hasn’t been easy. Even basic career progression and job opportunities are clearly limited. These are hard facts that you can’t deny. Some countries have fared better or worse but across the board young people seem to have been affected the most.

If you are willing to work round it, be innovative and prepared to put in some extra effort, you can still succeed but even I have become a little weary from the drag and mood of the last 3 years. It’s really hard to put my finger on why I felt something different today but over the last few months I have definitely felt some collective shift. Maybe people are tired of it and want to be more positive. The housing market has picked up very slightly, investors are selling off gold reserves and prices have dipped (they went up when buyers were looking for a safe haven for cash investments) so that points to investors looking for more interesting and better returns on their cash. Perhaps it’s the feeling that the winter is coming to an end in more ways than one.

Whatever the reasons are, I am definitely feeling more optimistic for the rest of this year and next. Bring it on!

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