How To Get More Leads and Make More Sales

Big SaleWhen I started my first business I had one question that I put to other business people and entrepreneurs every day: How do I get more leads and potential customers?

I was offering great deals and an amazing service, I could close sales easily and my clients were happy but I needed more. I needed to reach more potential customers and I was concerned about how to get my message out there and communicate what I was offering. Since then many new entrepreneurs and business people have asked me the same question and it is the number one priority for anyone trying to grow a business whether it’s new or established.

I tried everything from mailshots, online ads, Yellow Pages (when it was widely used), cold calling and everything I could think of. All these thing brought me limited success but it was all quite expensive and time consuming for the returns I got.

A few extra tools have come along since then that many people rave about, e.g. PPC (like Adwords) and social media marketing. Like many things in marketing and sales they sound great and much easier then they actually are. My early experience with these proved just as expensive and time consuming as the old methods. I tried Adwords campaigns that gave me limited success but didn’t justify the hype or the cost. Secondly I tried social media and started with Facebook because it was the one I was most familiar with.

Many large corporations are pulling out of Facebook campaigns now because they found the same as I did: People go on Facebook to connect with friends and share photos, they don’t go on Facebook to buy stuff or be sold to. You can get as many “Likes” as possible on your page but it doesn’t translate into real sales.

So what does work to get more leads and potential clients now? In one word: Twitter. I now have nearly 18,000 followers on Twitter and I get most of my traffic from there (chances are you came here from Twitter). I was very skeptical at first and didn’t get Twitter in the beginning but what I came to realize is why Twitter is great for marketing. People go on Twitter to find information and connect with people they wouldn’t connect with via Facebook. Your Facebook friends is a collection of people you already know or are loosely connected with. Facebook even states that they only want you to send friend requests if you know the person. On Twitter anyone can follow anyone whether you know them or not.

On Twitter you can connect with people from all over the world who might be interested in your products or services but you might not reach them in any other way. Because Twitter is different many people don’t get it, it’s easy to get frustrated with a lock of results and give up.

I was fortunate enough to have some early successes just at the point I was going to give up on it and suddenly it was a light bulb moment. I found out what worked and pushed on.

If you don’t know what you are doing it can be slow progress and frustrating which is why a friend and I started discussing how we could help people generate more leads and potential clients via Twitter.

The points we knew would be beneficial and have worked for us are:

  • Get 500 – 1000 new TARGETED followers every month
  • Auto feed of regular tweets, offers, promotions etc.
  • Get past Twitter imposed 2000 follow limit
  • Optimize profile for maximum results (people don’t like to follow profiles that are too corporate or sales/marketing oriented)
  • Obtain leads and followers that can be local so they are useful for small businesses as well as large companies or online businesses
  • Auto DM to new followers that gets maximum clicks (must not look like spam or auto generated)
  • Get followers that like to re-tweet so your tweets are more likely to go viral and get you more followers
  • Have a managed solution so someone else spends the time on this and you can concentrate on making the sales and other areas of core business
  • A price that was more cost effective than PPC advertising and can give a better return on investment

So we have now launched our managed Twitter service with all the benefits as described above for $195 USD per month. If you run your own business or you’re self employed and want more leads and sales get in touch via the form below and we’ll be happy to help.

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