Recommended Blogger and Coach – Keith Claridge

The first in my new series of recommended coaches and self help writers; I want to recommend Keith Claridge.

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Full name: Keith Claridge
Coach or Author or both: Coach
Website Address: and
Twitter name: @keithclaridge
Facebook Page:
Summary of what Keith offers:
I am a blogger and coach. I help people build a positive mindset, so they can create the life and the success that people want. I suffered with depression and I abused alcohol for about 7 years. I got fed up of feeling fed up and I made a decision to make changes in my life, so I could create the future I desired. My passion is personal development, so I can help others. I do this through my blogging and coaching. The way I approach coaching is to get to know my clients and work with them to help them move forward in life. I believe to be a good coach you have to listen to your clients. I do set assignments and expect them to be done. What is the reason for this? You can talk about changing, but talking has to become action. Have you ever been to a therapist of counselor? I have, you talk and talk and talk and talk. For some people this approach doesn’t work. Why? You are just reliving your past, over and over and over again. I believe that what you focus on you will be or receive. When I focused on my depression, guess what… I became more depressed! I am a forward looking coach, because this is what I have experienced and is the approach I believe in. And I work with people who are forward looking. My coaching can be tailored to each individual. For example, some people may want coaching once a month, some people every two weeks, other people once a week. What ever is right for you, we will work out.

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