Anyone Can Start A Business

stWhen I started my first business it was really just myself as a freelance IT consultant when I was just 21 years old, after only 2 years in the industry. A spiteful “friend” at the time told me (and anyone else that would listen) “just because you wear a suit and call yourself an IT consultant, it doesn’t actually make you one”. Well actually it did, because once I sold myself as an IT consultant and I won clients that paid me good money to BE their IT consultant, I WAS AN IT CONSULTANT!

Nobody can (or should) get a white coat and a stethoscope and call themselves a Doctor but other than a few select professions or business sectors, almost nothing is off limits. And even though I can’t throw on a white coat and call myself a Dr, I can open a private clinic and employ other Drs to do the work.

When Richard Branson started his first big venture Virgin Records, he knew next to nothing about the recording industry but that didn’t stop him from starting a very successful record label. Equally when he started Virgin airways I am sure he didn’t know how to fly a passenger jet or how much fuel one would use to cross the Atlantic but that didn’t stop him either.

The reason I am bringing all this up is because when people ask me what business they should start I usually reply by asking what interests them or what they are passionate about. I then make a suggestion based on their answers and a very common response I get back is “oh I don’t know enough about it” or “I’m not qualified to do that”.

A high percentage of the successful entrepreneurs I know were not qualified to run the businesses they started but they found out what they needed to know and/or partnered with someone who was qualified and had the skills they needed.

Most of the jobs I have done (even technically difficult ones) I could teach anyone committed with half a brain to do in 3 weeks and if they did nothing else for 3 months they would probably be fairly confident at that job by that time. So with this in mind what can’t you go and learn in 3 weeks that you might need for your dream business? It might take you another 3 weeks to learn another thing you need and maybe it would take a year to learn all the tasks but it wouldn’t take that long just to make a start on your new business. You can learn as you go.

People love to put all kinds of mental barriers in their way, some real some imaginary but none that can’t be overcome. When we are 18 we know very little but we believe we can learn whatever we need to know in the next 5 years to be able to do almost any job or career. What changed? If you are 30, 40, 50 or 60 what is standing in your way of doing almost anything and learning what you need to know over the next few years to achieve your dream? If you don’t start you’ll never know.

I do a lot of coaching for those starting out with new ideas and those already in business to get more success, freedom and money. If you would like to get some specific help and advice for your venture just use the contact from below and I’ll be in touch:

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