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logosmall1It’s been a while since I started a new business venture because I have been so busy with writing my book, property investments, business coaching, new babies and a whole load of great stuff but a project we have been working on has been crying out for a proper launch.

Since May my team have been helping others build genuinely targeted followers and leads on Twitter in the same way I have done. This service has now grown and we have decided to launch it as a standalone business. We have setup a UK site: Using Twitter For Business and we are working on a North America site to launch soon. We have clients all over the globe so you can still make use of this service wherever you are.

I now get 80% of my traffic, customers and new contacts via Twitter (there’s a good chance you came here via Twitter). It is a fantastic tool for building credibility (the more followers you have the more willing people are to engage), gaining new contacts and sales. And this is all done on a targeted basis so you know the following you are building is already interested in what you offer.

If you would like more information about Using Twitter for Business or get more details about my intensive training program which includes how to use twitter to generate more leads,  just use the contact form below:

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