Sunny Side Up, Retirement Planning Book Relaunch (Free Book)

Another week and another great book launch. This time it’s a relaunch of the retirement planning guide “Sunny Side Up” that we are doing for Roch Tranel of the Tranel Financial Group. To celebrate the relaunch it’s available this week only for free on Amazon by clicking here.

When you are planning for retirement and eventually retire, you are faced with cracking open your nest egg. You have only one chance to get it right. This essential handbook will give you the insight and tools necessary for that success in your retirement.

Many young professionals are not thinking enough about saving for retirement and many older people think they have a good plan in place but this guide will let you know if you are on the right track and how to put it right if you aren’t.

Roch Tranel is CEO and founder of The Tranel Financial Group located in Libertyville, Illinois. Roch has been helping individuals reach clarity and confidence about their financial future since 1988.
Sunny Side Up is a retirement planning guide that anyone can understand at any stage of their financial planning. This guide will help you plan for a long and prosperous retirement.

The book is available for free on Amazon for the next few days only by clicking here. You don’t need a Kindle device to get this book free and read it, you can download the Kindle App on any tablet or smartphone and you just need a regular Amazon account to download and save to read when and where it’s convenient for you. If you like the book please remember to leave a review on Amazon.

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