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Matt KinsellaI am a British entrepreneur who started my adult life as a homeless teen. I decided to write my book How To Be Lucky and explore my philosophies for success after witnessing many people around me passing up life changing opportunities on a regular basis. I saw people did not recognise these potential chances and if they did they nearly always dismissed them quite quickly.

I carved a successful career as an entrepreneur from nothing; no qualifications, no financial backing and no family connections. I wanted everyone to see the potential that exists all around us and have no fear to take the risks that can bring great rewards.

My book How To Be Lucky explains my story but more importantly it’s a guide to show people how they can make things happen in the same way I did. I never told anyone in my new circle of what I had been through or where I had come from. I spent 5 – 10 years listening to people who didn’t know me tell me I was so lucky. It really started to bug me considering the risks and the efforts I had made so I decided if this is what people perceived to be “luck” then I could teach anyone how to be lucky!”

After trying to persuade some friends and family members to see and create opportunities the way I did, I realised I could not sway people with a five-minute conversation and a few pointers so decided to write my book hold seminars and then went on to write my Direct Entrepreneur Course to really inspire, encourage and show people how to create some luck and make things happen.

My own story of being a homeless teen at 19 to becoming a successful entrepreneur was only possible by using my ability to see and create my own luck and make things happen for myself. Read my first book How To Be Lucky to find out the full story and how you can do the same.

I have now written 4 further books in a series called Matt’s Real World Business Series which cover areas specifically related to creating and transforming businesses.

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