Sunny Side Up, Retirement Planning Book Relaunch (Free Book)

Another week and another great book launch. This time it’s a relaunch of the retirement planning guide “Sunny Side Up” that we are doing for Roch Tranel of the Tranel Financial Group. To celebrate the relaunch it’s available this week only for free on Amazon by clicking here.

When you are planning for retirement and eventually retire, you are faced with cracking open your nest egg. You have only one chance to get it right. This essential handbook will give you the insight and tools necessary for that success in your retirement.

Many young professionals are not thinking enough about saving for retirement and many older people think they have a good plan in place but this guide will let you know if you are on the right track and how to put it right if you aren’t.

Roch Tranel is CEO and founder of The Tranel Financial Group located in Libertyville, Illinois. Roch has been helping individuals reach clarity and confidence about their financial future since 1988.
Sunny Side Up is a retirement planning guide that anyone can understand at any stage of their financial planning. This guide will help you plan for a long and prosperous retirement.

The book is available for free on Amazon for the next few days only by clicking here. You don’t need a Kindle device to get this book free and read it, you can download the Kindle App on any tablet or smartphone and you just need a regular Amazon account to download and save to read when and where it’s convenient for you. If you like the book please remember to leave a review on Amazon.

Publishing and Launching our Client’s New Book: The Business Side of SEO

This week we are publishing and launching a new book The Business Side of SEO: Building a Business Within The Digital Marketing Industry, for our client Mark Preston.

Absolutely anyone selling services to other businesses could get something from this book, not just those in the SEO industry.

For the last few months it’s been a pleasure working with Mark on this book because he has many years experience in providing B2B services and all that entails, including failures and successes. Finding his way and creating a good business Mark ran into a lot of similar issues and solutions to problems as I found through my own times creating and running service based businesses, so we had a lot of common ground to talk about.

This week we are launching the Kindle version with the paperback to follow next week. For a limited time until Saturday you can download for free at Amazon using this link.

Within 24 hours of launch we have created a bestseller and Mark can stand behind this forever in his business life to prove the credibility and authority he had already earned in his industry.

Mark came to me already knowing the value of writing a book to boost his credibility and use for PR and marketing to generate more leads and prospects. Here is what he said about working with me:

“For many years, I’ve always wanted to write my own book. A few months ago, I connected with Matt Kinsella as he was on my top 100 list of influential business and marketing people and we got talking. After a while, As Matt is a bestselling author himself, I mentioned that I always had an ambition to write and publish my own book but just had this idea that it would either be done badly if I did it myself, cost me thousands of pounds or I would end up doing all the work for a publisher to take all the financial rewards.

How wrong was I. Matt offered me a book mentoring and publishing service, which I snapped up. Whilst writing this book, I had many days where I just couldn’t find the motivation to continue but during our weekly mentoring calls Matt always managed to give me inspiration to move forward and recognise how easy it actually was. I can state 100% that if Matt had not been helping through the process, my book would have never been finished.

Even before this book was released it directly boosted my credibility and authority in my field and led to better leads, clients and higher fees I could charge. Anyone can put out a self-published book or an eBook but Matt has helped me create a properly published book that is also marketed and promoted it brilliantly.

As this book is about marketing and selling your services I can recommend contacting Matt to help raise your business profile. I am already talking to Matt about writing my second book. Everyone has a book in them and with the right help – It’s not that hard. Just speak to Matt as he is a really friendly guy.”

If you’d like to discuss the idea of writing a book please don’t hesitate to get in touch I’d be happy to discuss it with you:

If you’d like to know more about Mark Preston’s book and his great work in the field of SEO click here to check out his website.

FREE Book Giveaway On Amazon

FREE Box set version of all of my books in one volume.

I Will never be doing this again, it’s a one time chance to get my entire work for free on Amazon for the next few days only: Click here.

separately these books would cost you in the region of $40 – $50. This is the culmination of 7 years work and contains all my experience and advice in business.

The only thing I ask in return is could you leave a nice review on Amazon after downloading if you like it? Having 50 or more reviews makes a big difference to how Amazon rank and promote my book so if you download and find it useful or enjoyable please leave a review.

Please also Like, Comment and Share this post. Many Thanks and I hope you enjoy it.


How You Can Be A Successful Entrepreneur: The Small Business To Big Business Mindset

How You Can Be A Successful Entrepreneur: The Small Business To Big Business Mindset

A 5 book “box set” in one printed book. I am proud to finally release the book I always wanted to put out but it’s taken so long to accumulate the material it has been released as individual parts up until now.

This book started out as an easy to follow entrepreneurial course plus my story and examples. As the material and further writing came together it was obvious it was better as a series of books and now I’m happy to announce it’s available in this single volume.

The complete collection of books by Matt Kinsella in one volume:

  • How To Be Lucky
  • Creating New Business Ideas and Opportunities
  • Starting Or Relaunching Your Business
  • Sales And Marketing
  • Cash Flow & Creating a Future For Your Business
  • Bonus chapter on the art of selling and closing
  • Free downloadable material and templates for you to use in your businesses
  • Easy to follow, plain English and “real world” strategies that actually work. This is not theory or jargon, these all things that have worked for me time and again.

This “box set” book is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions. Note: If you buy the paperback you can get the Kindle version FREE:
US Amazon Link
UK Amazon Link

Top 5 Mistakes Self Employed People Make

Top 5 Mistakes Self-Employed People Make:

Through my own experience of starting out as a self employed business and working with others as clients for my other businesses and clients I now train, coach and mentor, I wanted to highlight the top 5 mistakes self employed people make and my advice to overcome those issues and problems.

1 – Not Selling The Benefits. Even larger businesses make this mistake and it’s very common to hear businesses selling the details instead of the benefits. How long you’ve been doing what you do or what long list of certifications you have that mean nothing to people outside your industry are not things that sell or market what you do to potential customers. Yes, those details can be important later on in the selling process or retaining clients but initially you have to sell the benefits. Knowing, highlighting and communicating the actual benefits of your products and/or services to potential clients is a skill in itself but it’s what will bring in new customers faster than anything else. On the flip side, not doing this effectively will also kill a business faster than anything else.

2 – Bad Time Management. Scheduling everything in a synchronised calendar between laptop and phone with reminders is the habit that has kept me on track. People think I’m crazy scheduling small things like phone calls but the truth is people in business miss a lot of opportunities by forgetting to follow up leads on a call or at least wasting countless hours calling and leaving messages instead of scheduling a day and time convenient for everyone. I even schedule time for admin, replying to emails and setting aside different days for different activities. Included in this you should set specific work hours and block out time for family and friends and try not to let business encroach on your time off. You can’t work effectively if you don’t have head space away from work. Even taking 1 or 2 business phone calls on days you have set aside for family time can set you off thinking about work for the rest of the day. Even if you work from home, keep work time and down time separate and be strict about it. Don’t let clients dictate this, YOU have to set some boundaries and stick to them.

3 – Being Afraid To Chase Unpaid Invoices. When we have a good relationship with a client it can feel awkward to chase a late payment but remember it’s your job to make them feel awkward about it, not the other way around. These are not your friends, it’s business and cash flow is a make or break element in any business, large or small. Don’t allow 30 days (or longer payment terms), state 7 days and chase after 14 and ensure payment before 30 days. Never have “payment on receipt of invoice” as your payment terms, larger companies will put this in the tray marked “pay when chased”. Trust me, I’ve seen it countless times.

4 – Believing Marketing is More Important Than Selling. I have seen businesses setup and thrive from day 1 and make millions before they even got a proper website created, surviving with just a basic page. How? Why? Because they focused on getting out there and selling and got so much business in they couldn’t cope with more so didn’t care about marketing until much later. I see so many self employed people throwing so much money and time at new websites and marketing when effective lead building, networking and direct selling would be far more effective, cheaper and bring in more business than they could handle.

5 – Dreaming Big At The Start But Never Seeing It Through. Most self employed people ultimately don’t end up being their own boss, they end up being their own employee. Making similar or less money than they would in an equivalent employed job but with more hassle and less security and benefits. This suits some people because they want flexibility and freedom from the usual 9 to 5 routine but for many others who have a bigger dream in the beginning it’s unfulfilled potential. Staying motivated and inspired in the long term is hard with a lot of the negative distractions and difficulties you face in self employment, that’s a fact for anyone, I don’t care who you are. I managed to stay on track by having a couple of more experienced business mentors that I spoke with or met regularly (at least once a month, sometimes more) to bounce ideas off, share negative experiences and get advice or encouragement. Having someone experienced in business there for you in that way is the same as having an experienced tutor vs learning a complicated subject alone in a library. Most of our friends and family are likely employed with limited business experience. When I was younger I found the ones that I knew that had business experience were usually ones who had failed and gone back to an employed job. It didn’t take me long and a great deal of brain power to see they were the least qualified to give me advice and it took a while to find experience and successful business people to mentor me but it was worth the effort.

If you’ve found this useful and you’d like to know more about the help and support I give to people in business from selling to cash flow and growing small businesses into big businesses, I’d be glad to help you further. My 1 to 1 coaching and mentoring programs start from just $30 a week. Use the form below and we can schedule a free no obligation call to discuss:

Everyone Wants To Be A Winner Until It’s Time To Do What Winners Do

People are always jealous of results but they are never jealous of the bone breaking hard work, years and years of time, total and utter sacrifice of comforts and relationships, endless blood pressure busting trouble and risking everything to achieve that result.

So many people are selling an “easy way” to start a business, become a bestselling writer, create a passive income, trade stocks or FX or Bitcoin but the truth is there is no easy way and there is no free way to anything done properly. Yes you can mess around at all those things with little money and little time but to get what you really want you have to put a lot in.

I can buy a basketball and a pair of Jordans and spend half an hour a day playing in my yard but does that mean I can be a pro baller? Absolutely not. The same applies to most things.

The difference between can I ever be good enough to play in the NBA or any other sport and being succesful at almost anything else is you don’t have to be young and born with talent to make it. You just have to be as prepared to do whatever it takes and put the work in.

To start my first business I had to work 2 jobs to save up £2500 (about $3500) to start and that was a shoestring budget even back in 2001. Today people complain about investing $1000. Really?

When I started my first business I couldn’t afford a web designer and tools like WordPress, Wix or even Facebook pages just didn’t exist. I bought 2 books on HTML coding and created my own website from scratch. It took me 2 weeks at night after work to create a site that you could make in an hour or 2 with free tools and no knowledge today. Yet people tell me now they don’t have the time or energy or skills after their day job to do it. Really?

It took me 3 years of hard work and living on the most basic money and I mean beans on toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner type money before I finally made JUST the same money as I used to make in my old job. Yet people complain when they still just bought a new car but it’s not quite the car they wanted, they just came back from another vacation and it’s taking too long to get their career/business where they want it to be. Really?

Nobody is going to do it for you. I had mentors, I bought books, I read endless amounts on the internet and I talked the hind legs off anyone that would listen and I could get to give me some information back but nobody did anything for me UNLESS I paid them a truck load of money. Ten times more than anyone paid me for advice but then also expected me to do it for them.

Not everyone wants to do it, I get that. Everyone should be happy and do what they enjoy and I have the most respect for people working in jobs they enjoy trying to make a difference. But the next time you see a post of me in a nice car or enjoying another country on my travels or anyone else for that matter and you feel you’d like the same, ask yourself if you could do what it takes to achieve it. If the answer is no, that’s OK, there’s probably things you’ve done that I can’t do. If the answer is YES then great I’d love to hear from you, if you think I can help you in any way get in touch via the form below and we can arrange a free no obligation call.

Every day I mentor and train people just like you to create new businesses, sell more and become more profitable in existing businesses, write, publish and promote bestselling books and invest in themselves and their businesses for the future.


How To Create a Profitable Online Business In Your Spare Time

How To Create a Profitable Online Business in Your Spare Time

For those already running a business or for people looking for an additional income or to eventually replace their income from their job, it’s the number one question or what people want to achieve the most when coming to me for advice.

This is NOT how to get rich quick or make money by doing very little or nothing, any business requires some effort and some minor investment, especially at the beginning but this can be just a few hours of spare time and a few hundred on a credit card. It doesn’t have to be blood sweat and tears 20 hours a day and half a million in venture capital.

Some of the most profitable businesses I know were started in a garage or spare room with a few hundred bucks.

Today this truly is easier with the tools of the internet, mobile phones, online payments, social media marketing and cost effective online advertising.

However this can be done badly in so many different ways, so very often people try and fail or are overwhelmed with options and potential failure before they even start. This is partly down to a lot of misinformation, scams and even well meaning people who just have it totally wrong about what works.

I am not talking about just marketing and getting Likes, Shares and meaningless followers, I am not talking about selling to friends and family and building a “team” to sell for you. I am talking about real tried and tested business methods that work in any type of business that creates sales, income, revenue and profit, either offline or online.

What will be covered:

Choose or Refine your Business Ideas. Having a clearly defined business model so people know what it is, what are the benefits to them and why to choose your business.

Creating Credibility and Authority in your Field of Business. Even if it’s new to you, there are methods for generating trust and credibility in your new business.

Online Lead Generation. How to get people interested in your business and feed those leads into your business.

Create a Sales Funnel. A defined pipeline to sell products and/or services to your leads and potential clients.

How To Take Online Payments. Making it as easy as possible for clients to purchase and for you to access that cash in the real world.

Up-sell Further Products. How to create ongoing marketing campaigns to leads and previous clients to keep selling.

How To Close Bigger Sales. Using corporate sales methods required to close higher ticket items so individual sales can be worth thousands instead of pennies.

Automation. Automating as much as possible so it’s eventually a “hands off” process requiring only part-time input from you.

To cover all this I am creating a new intensive 6 week training program for up to 5 people. This is how it works and what you’ll get:

1-2 hours 1 to 1 training call with me every week. Systematically covering all the topics mentioned above in a way that you can understand and ask questions as well as ensure we cover methods specific to you and how you want to run your online business.

Lifetime membership to my private coaching group with monthly live group training videos, group support and chats, archive of existing training videos, training material, e-books and templates.

Free access to all my books and training material.

Ongoing support through the 6 week program and after via the members group so you can ask questions and get help from me and other business people for as long as you need it.

The usual cost for lifetime membership of my group and this amount of 1 to 1 training would be $3400 but I will be offering this for just $600 (that’s £485 for those in the UK), that’s just $100 a week. so that’s a massive saving of $2800.

For me to give this amount of time for just $600 per person I can only take on 5 people at a time in this program so if you’d like to be considered please fill out the form below so we can arrange a free no obligation call.

Writing A Book To Promote Yourself

How To Be Lucky - BestsellerWhen I wrote my first book I did it purely for my own self achievement when I had time after selling one of my businesses and after some encouragement from friends who wanted to see me document my journey from homeless teen to successful entrepreneur. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted it published.

The fact is I wasn’t trying to achieve anything other than write down my story with some advice and examples of what I’d done and how. I thought perhaps it might help a few people or maybe just myself when I wanted a bit of inspiration later in my own life.

After a publishing offer and further advice on book marketing and promotion I decided to self publish and promote my book myself. I then went on a 2 year journey of learning how to publish and promote books.

What happened after this was a surprise to me and made me wonder why nobody had encouraged me to write a book before. In business or even in a career where we are trying to promote ourselves as specialists, experts or just pretty good in our field, it’s not easy to stand out. Self promotion and selling what we do is not easy, there’s always a lot of others doing the same and often they are not nearly as good but they get more work and more money because they stand out more.

After writing my first book and got into a few bestseller categories on Amazon I discovered I had a line of people coming to me for help and advice with respect giving me instant credibility and authority without me having to convince them of my worth because my book had already done that.

What I had found out is that a well marketed and promoted book is one of the best marketing tools anyone can create. Since then I have written several books and helped many others publish their books so they can do the same. assisting others publish and promote their books is one of the most rewarding things I do now.

Through doing this over and over for myself and my clients I have worked out a very reliable formula so first time writers and those that have almost no experience with writing can do it and we can put out a great book and achieve bestseller status in a relevent category on Amazon.

Now I have more time available over the next year I want to concentrate on helping more people with publishing books but my time is still limited so if you’d like some help with this I’d love to talk to you further but please get in touch before my calendar fills up. Use the form below and we can discuss further:

New Business Support Group

sb2bbnew-logo2-copyIn August I launched a new closed group of people in business to give them access to all my books and material, weekly live online webinars, 1 to 1 support if required and also for the members to support each other. Now I want to expand this group because with more members the greater the engagment and support for everyone involved.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who is in business at any stage or anyone considering starting a business and also for those working for a company in business development, sales or marketing. There is material, support and advice for anyone at any stage.

Currently we have members from UK, USA, Ireland and Canada. It’s an online members only group with some additional support via Skype or phone calls if required.

What You’ll Get

Guidance and support on how to create a really succesful business

Business development training and advice using techniques that are tried and tested

Sales training from creating leads through to closing so you sell more and more often

Improve cashflow, create more income streams, get paid more for the same products and services easily and reliably

A real business support community group of likeminded people

Have the support of multiple “business partners” with different skills and experience but without having anyone else directly involved in your business

What My Clients Say About my Methods and Material:

“I started working with Matt around the end of August 2014.

He was recommended to me by a business contact. I really wasn’t sure what to expect or gain from it but she ensured me it would help with my business and teach me how best to build it.

I had several, 1 hour sessions with Matt and a few Brain storming sessions in the last few months (which were priceless really).

The progress I have made has been quite remarkable. He’s taught me to think outside of the box even more so than I thought I did!

In short my sales skills and even recruitment skills are through the roof. I’m actually selling for fun across all my business at the moment and I currently earn around £7000 more every month than I did before I was coached by Matt.”

How To Get Involved:

Fill out the contact form below so we can have a quick conversation about the group and get you logged on as soon as we can.

I Wrote and Published a Book in 1 Day

Migraines Book CoverAs an experiment and to prove a point to myself and some authors I was helping at the time I wrote and published a book in paperback and Kindle in just one day.

Yes that’s right, I started writing from scratch in the morning and by 10:30pm I had uploaded the text, designed a basic cover, front and back and approved publication of a full paperback book and on Amazon Kindle.

As part of the point I wanted to prove (to myself as much as anyone else) was to write on a totally different subject matter than I was used to. I always want to put things out in the world that are useful or helpful so thought hard about experiences I’d had that might help or benefit others.

I’ll be honest I had completely forgotten how I’d cured myself of migraines because it had been 15 years since I’d done so and the awful experience of migraines in my life was happily a very distant memory. One I was glad to put behind me and not often think about.

However I had cured myself of migraines after a lot of research and experimenting but I’d never shared that experience with anyone and it suddenly struck me as rather selfish so I had the subject matter to write my book.

Since publishing it has sold more consistently than any of my other books, despite my other books taking months to write, so it just goes to prove that it’s the subject people are often interested in not always how long the author has spent honing their style or employing the best editors and cover designers.

For the next few days only this book is available free on Amazon, you can get a copy by clicking this link. This is the Amazon UK link but it’s available free in any country that has access to Amazon.

If you’d like help writing or publishing a book I have helped various authors create best selling books and I’d love to talk to you about your ideas, get in touch via the form below.

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