Formula Followers

Alternative FormulaThere are a certain type of people I like to call “formula followers” these are the people who believed what they were told when teachers and parents said “do well in school, go to university, become a lawyer, dentist, architect and your life will be good”.

These youngsters set about following the formula and now they are the lawyer/dentist/architect that their parents dreamed they would be. These people tend to dislike people like me because they see me with no qualifications and I didn’t follow the formula, I did it the “easy way” and I have a nicer car, nicer house and I work less than they do. Continue reading Formula Followers

Freedom to do what you want

How To Be LuckyHave you ever considered that from about 5 years old we are told where to be, what time to be there and what we must do whilst we are there? It is a legal requirement to attend school in most countries and the government/society control starts at that point. You then go to work and continue to be told where to be and what time to be there on a daily basis, probably getting chastised or reprimanded in some way if you are late. You can’t just get up and leave without permission, you can’t just decide you have something better to do today. How is this freedom? How much is your freedom worth to you and have you really just given it away so easily? From your first day of school for 60 years until you retire your freedoms are eroded. Continue reading Freedom to do what you want

Excuses, Excuses! Don’t Give Me Problems Give Me Solutions!

SolutionsNot everyone wants to start their own business and I don’t blame them but leaving the rat race does not mean starting a business. Many people work as freelance writers, consultants, salespeople, marketing experts, trainers and many other self employed professions that give them freedom and more money than being employed. Continue reading Excuses, Excuses! Don’t Give Me Problems Give Me Solutions!

Not a Rags to Riches story

HI just want to clarify that I am NOT touting a rags to riches story. In fact the first paragraph of my book explains how I am not making claims of being a billionaire with fleets of planes, helicopters and warehouses full of cars and how you could do the same. Continue reading Not a Rags to Riches story

Real World Business Guide

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