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Since publishing my first book I discovered the immense marketing and lead generation value of a business book to advertise your unique skills, experience and credibility in your field.

Because my first book had a large business, entrepreneurship and self help element to it I got people contacting me asking for advice. Purely by accident this created a training and consultancy business out of nowhere without even trying. That’s the type of marketing and lead generation any business could do with.

Writing a best selling book, is instant credibility, PR and advertising for yourself and/or your business as an expert in your field. Every time I send out the screen shot above of my book at number one on Amazon I get book sales, I get inquiries, I get business, I make money.

Immediately I wondered if it was a fluke, so after writing another book I used the same methods to make that a best seller within a few weeks. Then I wondered if it was just my books I could market in this way so approached some other coaches in other fields of expertise and created best sellers for them too.

Our services include coaching people through an easy to follow system to write a book even if you’ve never written before and it’s been incredibly successful.

If you’d like help to write, publish and promote a book, we’d be happy to help you. Get in touch via the form below:

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