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The 3 Year Success Rule

I have been discussing a theory with some other entrepreneurs for the last year or so, at first it was just loose conversations but now we have starting calling it The 3 Year Success Rule and I wanted to share it here on my blog. This is a theory that evolved from experiences that we have all had with most of our entrepreneurial projects. Continue reading The 3 Year Success Rule

Life Passes Most People by While They are Making Grand Plans For it

For a long time I would have confidently told anyone I was not scared of dying or I had no fear of death. If it’s your time, then it’s your time. I still feel the same but I am now very scared of not fitting in everything I want to do before I die. Continue reading Life Passes Most People by While They are Making Grand Plans For it


I was thinking today how I could nail down my philosophies into the most important one and then boil that down to the most specific parts of that one significant point. This isn’t the easiest thing to do because I feel the need to explain things properly. I am also in the process of writing an entrepreneurship course which is already 20,000 words and I am only half way through at the most.

I have a lot of strategies, techniques, theories and philosophies so how could I pick one and condense it down? It took me a little while but it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it might be. It simply and honestly came down to this: “decisions”. Continue reading Decisions

The Way Negativity Motivates Me

Boxing glovesI like to be positive and I enjoy seeing the best in things but life sometimes isn’t all positivity and light.

Negativity still motivates us and in some ways it can offer the biggest incentives and motivation we can get.

We all know of some great sporting icon who came from the lowest beginnings and worked hard to vastly improve their life. The dedication required to get to the top in most sports takes a constant, never-ending drive to succeed at all costs. That drive often comes from so much negativity surrounding their lives they are just desperate to do whatever it takes to escape the fate they were born into or found themselves in through no fault of their own. Continue reading The Way Negativity Motivates Me

I Don’t Need a Career Because I Have a Life!

Last week my wife and I were chatting about a close friend of ours who had recently admitted to us that she had given too much of her life to her career and now she was 34 with no real friends, a husband or children which she admitted was what she really wanted.

Our friend has not got a glittering, shining example of a high flying career. She just has the type of generic office job that millions of people have. She earns more than the average salary but not much more. She has been lied to and has been kidding herself for years that she has been building a CAREER. But what she has actually been doing is sacrificing her own happiness and real life to create something that does not mean anything or hold any real value. Continue reading I Don’t Need a Career Because I Have a Life!

Change of Direction

crossroadsIt can be really hard to break old habits and do something new even if the old way is bad for us. It can be difficult to reprogram new and better habits but it’s worth the effort.

Last night my wife and I were driving to one of our favorite restaurants and as we were about half way there I took an alternative route. My wife asked me where I was going and I just explained that the new traffic lights made it difficult so I was trying a new route. Continue reading Change of Direction

Hope For Graduates With The Right Attitude

UniversityRecently I put out a request on Twitter for suggestions for my next blog post and the best suggestion was to write about inspiring new graduates who might lose hope starting out in their careers.

This is a particularly difficult time for any young person starting a career. Unemployment figures for young people are shocking at the moment. Depending on which country you are in, the unemployment stats for those under 25 ranges from 25% to 50+%. Continue reading Hope For Graduates With The Right Attitude

Bucket List Ideas

I am always telling people how short life is and how we should be doing what we love while we can and before we regret it. This got me thinking about bucket list ideas.

I started looking at some bucket lists on the internet and lists of things “all real men should do before they die”, to some extent they were tongue in cheek and just a bit of fun. As I have lived quite a colorful life already I have ticked off a large number of fun, cool and also silly things but it got me thinking about things I would still like to do so I started thinking of my own bucket list ideas. Continue reading Bucket List Ideas

Bare Necessities

HammockThe bare necessities of life will come to you

Your lifestyle today is built on what you have decided is essential, if you shift what you believe are the bare necessities, you can put this technique into practice effectively and see a marked improvement in your lifestyle. Continue reading Bare Necessities