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A Program to Help Anyone Become an Entrepreneur, Start Your Own Business or be a Better Business Owner

Want to start your own business? Ever thought about quitting your job and making money for yourself? Do you have a business that you know could do better? Have you got an idea for a project but can’t get finance?

My Real World Business Guides are packed full of information for taking your business from the ideas stage to a profitable and growing business.

My experience of being a homeless teen and going on to be a successful entrepreneur taught me exactly how to start profitable businesses with small investments.

There are 4 books in this series, each book has two main sections:

Book 1 – Creating New Business Ideas and Opportunities
– What really makes an entrepreneur
The psychology of an entrepreneur, myths erased, the truth about entrepreneurship and how you can become an entrepreneur today.
– Generating and developing for new businesses ideas. (Plus recognising and creating opportunities)
How to come up with new ideas for a business or investment, developing those ideas or existing ones. How to see ready-made opportunities or create some from what is already in front of you.

Book 2 – Starting or Relaunching Your Business
– Choosing and deciding on a business, investment or venture
Get to know what opportunities or ideas are worth trying. Learn how to work out if the structure, income stream or growth will work for you. When to start and just as importantly when to quit and move on to the next idea.
– Business Planning and start or relaunch
What you should know (or find out) before starting any venture and what tools or people you need to put in place beforehand.

Book 3 – Sales and Marketing
– Sales
Learn how anyone can sell, it’s a natural talent we all have if you know how to use it. Whether you are “selling” your ideas to investors or physically selling products to customers, it is a key skill for any entrepreneur.
– Marketing
Find out marketing tricks, how to measure everything so you know what works best for your particular product. Inexpensive and free tools for websites. What is important (and usually free) and what is a waste of time and/or money. How to use social media. Blogging.

Book 4 – Cash Flow and Creating a Future For Your Business
– Making money and cash flow
Setting targets and making sure you reach them. Setting prices. Tricks to make sure you always get paid. Maximizing profits and minimizing costs.
– The future
How to change and adapt. Make unexpected events work in your favour. How to stay motivated and overcome failures to turn every problem into an opportunity for more success.

Designed to be Easy to Follow with no Jargon or Complicated Theory, just Real and Practical advice

This series is the full program for new or existing entrepreneurs to learn how to create successful investments, businesses and a new lifestyle.

  • Find out how I created successful businesses from scratch
  • Course material to download plus direct help and contact from me
  • Develop new ideas & spot opportunities
  • Practical help for new entrepreneurs and existing business owners
  • How to get new customers, close sales and get paid
  • Generate cash flow quickly and fund growth as early as possible
  • Includes e-book version of Matt’s book How To Be Lucky
  • Don’t just start a business; start your own business AND make money

Jne “Worth every penny! Matt is a nice, down-to-earth guy, he’s not the type to overwhelm or bamboozle you with concepts you don’t understand or set goals that are unrealistic. Like the very best business people, he sees things clearly, is focused on the bottom line and instinctively knows what will help your profitability and your motivation” – Jayne Carmichael Norrie

Easy to Follow Program, Written by Someone who has Done it

I started my adult life as a homeless teen but turned my life around by starting money-making ventures from scratch. My own experience ranges from technology businesses to property development. Fifteen years later, I have now created a great lifestyle and freedom from the treadmill but I’m always keen to share my strategies so others can do the same.

This is NOT just a basic book; This is a program that answers key questions and advises how to overcome common problems with additional course material, templates and recommendations for success.

Many budding entrepreneurs have the same questions and requirements; “I would like to start my own business but I need help with ideas” or “I have a good idea but I don’t know how to implement it”. Some people with existing businesses are struggling to get new customer, grow their business or improve cash flow.

Other questions I get regularly are: “How do I juggle my existing job and commitments with a new venture?” or “Can I afford to quit my 9 – 5  job and take a gamble on a new business?” I designed the course to answer all these questions and more.


 I have recently worked with Matt on a tourism project and I can highly recommend his coaching and training methods. Working with Matt was a pleasure and he will mirror your passion for the project. Matt Kinsella is not just a lifestyle coach but also an entrepreneurial coach. His goal is to make you and your business a success.” – Brian Taylor

 cthy“Matt Kinsella’s style is refreshingly honest, his practical ideas are geared towards generating income and genuine advice on REALLY growing a business in a tangible way. He has built businesses from scratch with little or no investment and he knows how to get results.”Cathy Dunbabin

Make contact with me and learn how to run a successful business today

Some courses are charging thousands for programs that don’t offer anything like the level of training in these new business books. I am just keen to help people get started in business or those already running a venture large or small. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a work from home hobby business or large multinational, I work with them all. My books are available now on Amazon, you can use the links to the right in the Amazon banner.

If you’d like to know more about my coaching and mentoring that costs just £29 (GBP) or $49 (USD) per week just fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch:

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