Marketing Services Guide

Our Marketing Services Guide and Important Information PLEASE READ:

Thank you for choosing to use our Twitter marketing services. Please understand that the Twitter marketing tasks involved for our team are weekly processes, not daily or hourly. So if you don’t receive an instant response or see changes immediately, don’t worry, we will be working on your account soon. The initial setup can also take a week or so to complete. There are a number of 3rd party services and our own procedures to go through so although it seems like nothing is happening a lot is being done in the background to get you setup. Please read ALL the info here before contacting us but if you have any further questions or info to send us email:

Our Products:

Twitter For Business Marketing Service
Our popular Twitter marketing system aimed at growing your targeted following so you can build interested leads that create tangible sales and income for you or your business. 

  • Advice on optimizing profile for maximum results (people don’t like to follow profiles that are too corporate or brand oriented)
  • Minimum of 300 new targeted and genuine followers per month (this might be slightly lower in the first month as we build activity and promotion). Depending on what you offer and what package you are on this can be built up to over 1000 genuine targeted followers every month
  • Get over the Twitter imposed 2000 follow/follower limits
  • Auto feed of regular tweets, promotions and product info so you don’t have to worry about tweeting every day (Maximum of regular tweets depends on package)
  • Obtain leads and followers that can be local so they are useful for small businesses as well as large companies or online businesses
  • Get followers that like to re-tweet so your tweets are more likely to go viral and get you more followers/leads/sales
  • A price that is more cost-effective than most Pay Per Click (Adwords etc) advertising or traditional print marketing and can give a better return on investment
  • Many so-called social media consultants are offering inferior services without attracting nearly the number of new targeted followers we are, for prices well over £500 or $700 a month

Video Trailer

Create a short promo video based on our slideshow templates uploaded to YouTube and shared with our following. This is done at the start of your campaign but you can request a new video be done for new products or promotions but this is down to you to request and send info for the video. This can be done a maximum of once per month on the basic package but if you would like more or a more content rich video just let us know and we can discuss options and prices.

Your Ad and Profile on this Site

Send us details of business name, a logo or profile picture, short description of the business or yourself, product range, links to your site and social media links.

What we will do:

  • We will aim to get you targeted, real and genuine new followers a month. We have to build our activity slowly in a structured fashion in the first 3 – 4 weeks to avoid a Twitter account suspension. So follow numbers might be slightly lower in the first month as it takes time to build momentum and get past the Twitter imposed limits. This is our main offering and what you are paying for, the other services are extras to provide added value and make your Twitter marketing slightly easier.
  • We will advise on optimising and make changes to your Twitter profile to encourage new followers for maximum results. People don’t like to follow profiles that are too corporate or brand oriented.
  • We will setup Auto feed of regular tweets, promotions and product info so you don’t have to worry about tweeting every day. The number of tweets you can add and change monthly is defined by which product you have purchased, contact us any time if you’d like to upgrade.
  • Where required we can target followers by location or area if your business is targeting local customers. We can profile your target followers by other “local” Twitter services and followers in that area (however we can’t guarantee that they are all in your area, a small selection might just have an interest in services in your area from a previous trip or visit).
  • We will automatically follow back a certain amount of those that follow you to maintain Twitter “etiquette”.  As time goes on the number of people you follow vs people following you will drop as we clean up less active followers Our service is not simply a case of following people that automatically follow back, this is a targeted service.
  • In the first few weeks we will be building activity in a structured way to avoid Twitter limitations. For the first week or so you might see the number of people you follow slowly rise and these people might seem random. If we went out all guns blazing with new tweets, auto DMs and targeting new followers, Twitter might think your account has been hacked and suspend your account. The initial activity might seem odd or random but there is method to it, just be patient.
  • We will get you over the Twitter imposed 2000 follow limit. Because of the limitations this poses it will take extra time to build your following and get you over the limit. Twitter accounts past the limit are quicker and easier to build targeted followers.
  • Create your promotional video, upload it to YouTube and share with our followers.
  • Create your ad and profile on this site using the info you provide

What you will need to do:

  1. Set your Twitter password to one you don’t mind us using (not the same as you use for anything else) and send us your Twitter username and password. Before we can do anything at all we need to set you up on our system and some 3rd party apps. So before you get stuck into anything else you need to do or send to us (like the tweets for the auto feed) please send your username and password now so we can get the ball rolling.
  2. Email us ( information on the potential customers you want to target. Include any geographic area you want to target. Tell us about any direct or indirect competitors so we can build a profile of your target audience. It would also be useful if you email the Twitter usernames of direct and indirect competitors that are active on Twitter.
  3. Email us details for you ad and profile on this site: business name, a logo or profile picture, short description of the business or yourself, product range, links to your site and social media links.
  4. Email us a maximum of 30 statements and pictures to use in your slide show video or a link to a webpage with all the info to create one ourselves.
  5. Continue tweeting manually, replying to tweets, @replies and direct messages. Genuine engagement from you, answering queries and building relationships is what will create new and sales for you and your business. The Twitter phone app can be useful for keeping up to date occasionally.
  6. Send us the link you would like to use in your direct message to new followers. We have decided to turn off the auto direct message (not twitter feed) for the first few weeks for new clients to minimize problems with Twitter limits whilst getting you started. This will get turned on when activity has built up and you are not under the Twitter “spotlight” so much. We will turn it back on after a few weeks. This won’t affect our other work to build your following. It will only be disabled temporarily and relates to the info above about building your activity carefully for the first few weeks.
  7. Send us 20 tweets to include in your auto feed. The standard setup and frequency of this is for 6 – 7 tweets every hour or so during normal business hours and repeated every 3 days.  We would recommend starting with 10 “informational” topical or “helpful tips” tweets, maybe pointing to more info on that topic on your site. And 10 promotional or sales pitch type tweets with links. Keep in mind the 140 character limit but we can shorten links and make small edits if your tweets are slightly too long. Remember our service is mainly about gaining you targeted followers and the auto feeds and DMs are just small bonus add-ons. We highly recommend you still tweet and reply manually occasionally to make the most of your new followers. Some of our clients only have 10 (or less) auto tweets because they are tweeting themselves different daily promotions, offers and news that are constantly changing.
  8. Follow our advice on optimising your profile. If you can’t do this for any reason there is a possibility we won’t be able to get you the number followers we have offered. There is a few seconds when a potential new follower views your profile and decides whether to follow you or not. There are certain ways to attract and certain ways to repel; please follow any advice we offer on this.
  9. Don’t follow large amounts of people. We have to stick to certain parameters with the amount of activity based on following and unfollowing, if you start following large numbers of people while we are working on your account it could result in an account suspension from Twitter. If there is a lot of simultaneous activity in one day Twitter suspends accounts in case they have been hacked. Suspensions create problems and slow down our work for you. However if there are a few people on Twitter that interest you feel free to follow them.

What we can’t do:

  • We can’t control Twitter suspensions. We manage many accounts without any issues but very occasionally with new accounts or accounts that have been inactive for a while Twitter will suspend an account that suddenly has a lot of activity. This is to protect accounts that might have been hacked. We can overcome this but it adds work and time so your targeted following might be lower in a month if we have had to overcome an account suspension. Please be assured this is very rare because we work in ways to avoid it and this shouldn’t affect you but occasionally these things happen.
  • We can’t guarantee that every single Twitter account we interact with on your behalf or follows you is genuine. There’s only so much we have control over but your genuine and targeted followers will outweigh the trash.
  • If you are on any of our services, there is only so much we can do for for a few dollars per day. If you would like to upgrade at any time or discuss additional services we can help with, just let us know and we would be happy to go through the options.
  • We can’t interrogate or verify every account we follow on your behalf or follows you and sends you messages. Even if we did there are accounts that look totally legit but will spam you all day long if you follow them or they follow you. It’s unavoidable when you become very active on Twitter. Twitter is not Facebook, it’s far more open and less controllable if you want to build a large following. You will get spam on Twitter regardless. People will follow you and send you @replies who you have no intention of following back, and you just have to block them or report them for spam (drop down menu when you view their profile on Twitter either on a browser or in the Twitter phone app). A large number of Twitter accounts get hacked (because people set basic passwords), you will have genuine followers that get hacked and their account will send spam messages until they set a new better password. We have no control over this and it’s just a hazard of Twitter everyone has to deal with.
  • We have no control over Twitter imposed limits, quirks and changes to their services. We will work round things when we can but if anything is affecting our work on your account in the long term we will let you know.
  • We can’t continually edit videos to your liking unless you are paying extra for that service. We will make every effort to make a good video within our templates and framework. Spelling mistakes or unprofessional errors will be corrected.
  • We can’t offer refunds. Most of the labour intensive work happens at the beginning of each month. We also commit to certain 3rd party tools which we have to pay for in advance which are non-refundable. However you can cancel our service at any time and we have no minimum terms.

We have found that marketing in our unique way creates real and genuine interest that creates REAL SALES ENQUIRIES. It has worked for us and we believe in it, which is why we created this service. If you have any thoughts, queries or suggestions just let us know. Thanks again for using our marketing services.

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